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Jeff Nania

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Jeff Nania

De La Soul

by Jeff Nania December 6, 2012

“You all like anything that's out now?” Trugoy asked the crowd. “I'm trying to figure if there's anything out I should listen to.” The crowd shouted back a few names, and he agreed to a ...

Railbird EP Release

by Jeff Nania December 6, 2012

Railbird's homecoming Friday night at Valentine's saw them perform all three songs from their newly released EP, Lucky, as well as new interpretations of some of their most popular tunes from their album No One. Local ...

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Pedrito Martinez Quartet

by Jeff Nania November 21, 2012

Pedrito Martinez is no stranger to the Capital Region. He brought his group with pianist Ariacne Trujillo, Percussionist Jhair Sala, and bassist Alvaro Benevides to Mountain Jam,  SPAC Jazz Fest, and Albany Riverfront Jazz Fest ...

Robert Glasper Experiment

by Jeff Nania October 11, 2012

Robert Glasper’s newest release, Black Radio, has a lot of great stuff on it, but one of the things it doesn’t have much of is extended improvisational sections. This show at the Egg featured material ...

Medeski Martin & Wood

by Jeff Nania October 4, 2012


  Medeski Martin & Wood are at a hopeless point of their career. Not the way you may think, though; bassist Chris Wood says that this is a positive thing. They have reached a point where ...

Picotte Recital Hall

Jeff “Siege” Siegel

by Jeff Nania September 27, 2012

  The abstract world of spontaneous sound created by drummer Jeff “Siege” Siegel and Finnish saxophonist Esa Pietila is not for the faint of heart. These two go anywhere and everywhere, and they do so with ...

Skerik’s Bandalabra

by Jeff Nania September 13, 2012

“One man steals on another man's birthday,” Skerik improvised on two events he had heard about. “It's one man's birthday, another man had his bike stolen. What does it mean? I think they're both motivated ...

David Caldwell-Mason

by Jeff Nania August 23, 2012


I don’t know if it’s the fact that his originals are so damn original, or the fact that he takes unlikely pop tunes and makes them sound like they were always his, that makes me ...

Matt Garrison

by Jeff Nania August 16, 2012


You know when you hear something really refreshing and you can’t stop listening to it? Matt Garrison’s sophomore release spun with me on my car rides for weeks because it just wouldn't get dull. Each ...

Freihofer’s Jazz Festival

by Jeff Nania July 5, 2012

The Freihofer’s Jazz Festival was a Latin jazz paradise this year. Acts like Pedrito Martinez, Steve Kroon, Edmar Castaneda, and Arturo O’Farrill stole the show O’Farrill’s orchestra were doing just fine on their own playing the ...


Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival

by Jeff Nania June 27, 2012


Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival is celebrating its 35th year this weekend, and it has a lineup of stellar acts including nine Grammy Award winners. From jazz-scene mainstays like Diana Krall (pictured) and Christian McBride, to ...

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

The Mechanics of Genius

by Jeff Nania June 13, 2012


Genius is something that can be cultivated. Creativity is not the bastion of the select few. Alpha waves allow creative insights. The prefrontal cortex is what allows us to follow our creative pursuits through to ...

Mountain Jam

by Jeff Nania June 7, 2012

Mountain Jam is the kind of festival where you can see the Screaming Eagle of Soul flying up the mountain on a chairlift. This was, of course, Charles Bradley himself just a short while after finishing ...

Circus of Sound

by Jeff Nania May 30, 2012


“Said to the river, don’t wanna fight no more. Now the river’s gonna move on out. I said to my baby, don’t wanna lose you no more. Now the river’s gonna move on out.” This ...

Michael Benedict and Bopitude

by Jeff Nania May 10, 2012


Michael Benedict and Bopitude’s sophomore release comes less than a year after their debut on Planet Arts Records, and yet another serious NYC jazz cat has been added to the mix. In addition to the ...


by Jeff Nania March 29, 2012


The Troy Gasholder building was transformed into an apocalyptic edge of the world on Saturday and Sunday nights. Artist and RPI professor Michael Oatman was captain of the team that brought this large-scale interactive multimedia ...

Keith Pray

by Jeff Nania March 29, 2012


Keith Pray’s most recent release, Confluence, is a serious work of heavy jazz. The saxophonist features world-class talent  including Peter Tomlinson on piano, Lou Pappas on bass, Jeff “Siege” Siegel on drums and guitarist Chuck ...

Brian Patneaude

by Jeff Nania March 22, 2012


All Around Us is Brian Patneaude’s ode to everyday inspiration. His tunes tell stories of experiences as diverse as his recent engagement, childhood memories, and even a brush with dental surgery. Of the eight compositions ...

Randy Brecker Quintet featuring Ada Rovatti

by Jeff Nania March 8, 2012

Trumpeter Randy Brecker and saxophonist Ada Rovatti came through town Saturday night to play a mix of originals and standards with some of the local heavyweights. Drummer Dave Calarco, bassist John Menegon and guitarist Matt ...

Step Right Up

by Jeff Nania February 16, 2012

The live variety show has made a comeback in a big way. This performance by the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus was part of a monthly series that Club Helsinki and the Cirkus presented this winter, and ...

Club Helsinki

Branford Marsalis Duo and Quartet

by Jeff Nania February 9, 2012

Everybody take a deep breath and slow down. This seemed to be the message emanating from the drunken neoclassical waltz “La Valse Kendall,” which saxophonist Branford Marsalis and pianist Joey Calderazzo opened with at Proctors ...

Dee Dee Bridgewater

by Jeff Nania January 19, 2012

Edsel Gomez’s fingers riff on the piano and instantly focus the audience. The band members enter, and saxophonist Greg Handy blows a late-Coltrane style solo complete with intense polyphonics. Dee Dee Bridgewater graces the stage ...

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Do the Locomotion

by Jeff Nania December 14, 2011

  Have you ever misplaced your phone, knowing that it would turn up, but not knowing for the life of you where? This seems to have been the initial error (or blessing, depending on your view) ...

Joe Locke Trio

by Jeff Nania December 8, 2011

“I was a crappy piano player and a crappy drummer, so I figured I better find another instrument,” Joe Locke said during a Q&A session before his trio concert Saturday night at the Athens Cultural ...


Michael Benedict

by Jeff Nania November 10, 2011

Bopitude is not Michael Benedict’s first release as a bandleader, but it is his first release as a drummer. He is known for his work as a local vibraphonist with his former group Jazz Vibes. ...