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Jeremy D. Goodwin

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Jeremy D. Goodwin

A Strong Sample

by Jeremy D. Goodwin June 7, 2012


If one person is able to gain a representative view of a film festival containing 70 films, spanning parts of four days and happening in two municipalities, it’s purely by accident. But for what it’s ...

David Grisman Folk Jazz Trio

by Jeremy D. Goodwin March 15, 2012

At some point you stop trying to put your finger on exactly which genres David Grisman is synthesizing at a given moment. His prodigious list of albums and band projects includes some straight-up bluegrass, newgrass, ...

Jane’s Addiction

by Jeremy D. Goodwin March 8, 2012

Jane's Addiction; Perry Farrell at Palace Theater, Albany, NY, March 3, 2012

Fuckin’ A. Midway through a thoroughly gripping, third-tune “Mountain Song,” it occurred to me very clearly: In a more just musical world, Jane’s Addiction would be U2. Or vice versa. In a sold-out, Friday night concert at ...

Mike Gordon

by Jeremy D. Goodwin December 14, 2011

Guitarist (and chief songwriter) Trey Anastasio has long been the true rock star of Phish. He’s the one with the most ambitious solo career outside of the band; he’s currently working on a musical, and ...

Alice Cooper

by Jeremy D. Goodwin December 8, 2011

There’s no reason rock & roll can’t incorporate elements of theater without being cloying. But at some point between The Wall and Whitesnake, practitioners forgot there was a difference between the onstage persona and the ...

Sam Bush

by Jeremy D. Goodwin December 1, 2011

Sam Bush is a workhorse. Forty years after first disturbing the conventions of bluegrass with his New Grass Revival, the bandleader and mandolinist is still barnstorming the country with his highly energetic brew of bluegrass, ...

Indigo Girls

by Jeremy D. Goodwin November 3, 2011

About a quarter-century into a career that has earned them a fervent fanbase addicted to their mix of vocal harmonies, acoustic strumming and empowered earnestness, Indigo Girls don’t seem to have a whole lot of ...

Josh Ritter, John Wesley Harding

by Jeremy D. Goodwin October 20, 2011

Two men, two acoustic guitars, and quite a bit of good songwriting were on display at the Egg last weekend, in the able hands of Josh Ritter and opener John Wesley Harding. Each favors lusher soundscapes ...

The Lemonheads

by Jeremy D. Goodwin October 20, 2011

Perhaps Evan Dando perceives a subtle indignity in the success of the Lemonheads’ current tour, in which the band—actually, Dando and whoever he’s currently touring with, in this case drummer Brian Nolan and bassist Josh ...

Sui Generis

by Jeremy D. Goodwin October 13, 2011


Sitting hunched over his resonator guitar in front of the fiction section at the Spotty Dog Books and Ale in downtown Hudson, a man introduces himself as Evan. The 20 or so audience members give ...

Sex Mob with John Medeski and Roswell Rudd

by Jeremy D. Goodwin October 13, 2011

Slide trumpeter Steven Bernstein, a figure in New York’s Downtown avant-jazz scene who’s recorded several records for John Zorn’s Tzadik label, found he needed to head up to Hudson to play a Sex Mob show ...

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

by Jeremy D. Goodwin October 6, 2011


At this point it seems fair to say Stephen Malkmus is the most distinctive stylist to emerge from ’90s alt-whatever rock. His oeuvre isn’t colored by an electronic phase (see: the Smashing Pumpkins) or suddenly-serious ...

Word X Word Festival

by Jeremy D. Goodwin August 24, 2011

Pittsfield’s Word X Word Festival offers a pretty soft sell. It lives not by big names but by a concept—and a concept that’s a little hard to explain to begin with. Founder Jim Benson’s pitch ...

The Decemberists

by Jeremy D. Goodwin August 3, 2011

Any pop cultural universe in which the Decemberists are rock stars can’t be entirely bad. The brainy, saltwater rockers with a penchant for songs about suicide pacts and shipwrecks seem to have no business at top ...

Steely Dan

by Jeremy D. Goodwin July 27, 2011

I firmly believe in giving Steely Dan the benefit of the doubt. Whether it’s a super-clean snare sound that’s either too-pop-by-half or judiciously slick, or an ambiguous lyric that’s either corny or brilliantly sly, I ...

Marc Ribot Live Scoring Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid

by Jeremy D. Goodwin July 13, 2011

Marc Ribot can lurch from noise-skronk to deranged fuzz-rock to weirdly, surf-inflected future-folk—not only between his different bands and projects, but sometimes from track to track on the same album. Alongside an extensive set of solo ...

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Pretty World

by Jeremy D. Goodwin June 22, 2011


By Jeremy D. Goodwin Flipping through a dog-eared musical composition book to find a song he’s been working on lately, Larry Chernicoff describes his process as one of “archeology.” A ...

Scenes From the BIFF

by Jeremy D. Goodwin June 8, 2011


Our favorite old-media bigmouth: David Carr in Page One: Inside The New York Times   Though there was pleasure to be had in the buzz emanating from certain films at the sixth annual Berkshire International Film Festival, ...

Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center

Of Borscht, Flaubert and Hungarian Mustache Wax

by Jeremy D. Goodwin May 11, 2011


Bella’s Bartok started out as a party and became a band—albeit, one that comes with an automatic party pre-installed. Since their scrappy origins, busking in downtown Great Barrington, Mass., in the ...

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Iron and Wine

by Jeremy D. Goodwin April 13, 2011


Recording under the name Iron and Wine, Samuel Beam has been at the leading edge of the hipster reconsideration of American folk and Appalachian music that blossomed into a bona fide subgenre—call it beard rock—for ...

Club d’Elf

by Jeremy D. Goodwin March 30, 2011


Electric Moroccoland / So Below For only their second studio release after 13 years of regular gigging, Boston ensemble Club d’Elf unloaded a whopper, an honest-to-goodness double album, or rather, two full-length CDs packaged together, ...

The Low Anthem

by Jeremy D. Goodwin March 9, 2011


Who else is doing this? Though there’s indeed a fashionable subset of indie rockers who’ve traded in their skinny jeans for overalls, their mesh trucker hats for a hearty, ...

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A Civilized Affair

by Jeremy D. Goodwin August 18, 2010

Maybe it was seeing Jeff Tweedy plunge into the water of a carnival-style dunk tank, while wearing the heavy red suit he dons onstage when Wilco is in full ham-it-up, showman mode. Maybe it was ...