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Molly Eadie

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Molly Eadie

Occupy Albany Anniversary

by Molly Eadie October 25, 2012

  On Sunday (Oct. 21), one year after Occupy Albany set up camp, from which they were eventually evicted, Occupiers marched to Academy Park to review the year and celebrate. While they've moved out of the ...

It Got Better

by Molly Eadie August 2, 2012


Twenty years ago, Jason Gerber played the role of the Street Singer in a production of The Threepenny Opera at RPI. This summer, he performed on national primetime television as a very different character, one ...

Asian Invasion

by Molly Eadie July 26, 2012

On the corner of Lancaster and Dove streets in Albany’s Center Square, bright yellow signs attached with purple ribbons hang from the neighborhood’s two ash trees. The signs warn that these trees, along with all ...

Strange Bedfellows–Or Maybe Not

by Molly Eadie May 30, 2012


Despite the popular assumption that the Occupy and Tea Party movements are firmly at opposite ends of the political spectrum, Occupy Albany and the Albany Tea Party have found common ground and joined forces against ...