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Paul Rapp

Paul Rapp

Book Stupid

by Paul Rapp October 29, 2015


  You may have heard that the New York federal appeals court granted Google a big win in the long-running lawsuit brought against it by the Authors Guild over the Google Books project. To briefly review, ...

Good Law, Bad Treaty

by Paul Rapp October 15, 2015


  Buried under all the hoo-hah about the debates and Lamar Odom, a significant ruling regarding basic freedom came out of a federal appeals court Tuesday in Philadelphia. The decision in the case Hassan v. City ...


And Many More

by Paul Rapp October 1, 2015


  Well, it’s silly season on Facebook again, where the more gullible among us get their knickers in a twist over some fake nonsense about Facebook’s inherent evility. Both of the things that popped up this ...

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Boobishness and Popery

by Paul Rapp September 3, 2015


  You’ve not doubt caught wind of the painted topless ladies cavorting around Times Square in New York City. It’s a hilarious coda to the decades-long reinvention of Times Square from a seedy porn mecca to ...



by Paul Rapp August 20, 2015

  It seems like all of a sudden free speech is under serious attack. Two epic Atlantic articles lay it out. In “The Coddling of the American Mind,” writers Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt dissect and ...

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This Is Not My Beautiful Career

by Paul Rapp August 6, 2015


  I’ve criticized the always-fascinating David Byrne in the past for some of his public proclamations about the music business. In 2006-2007 he was wondering aloud whether record companies were necessary in the digital age, which ...


The Copyright Sky Is Not Falling

by Paul Rapp July 23, 2015

  It’s starting again. I’m getting messages from frantic clients whose professional trade organizations are telling them that Congress is about to take their copyrights away. “How can they DO THIS?” “How can we stop them?” We’ve ...

Around the World

by Paul Rapp July 9, 2015


  A while back I wrote about these hideous lawsuits brought by porn producers against people whose Internet accounts where identified as being used to download porn torrents. It was the ultimate shakedown: They demanded thousands ...

Taylor Swiftboat

by Paul Rapp June 25, 2015


  Apple finally announced that it was going to launch a music streaming service, years too late. Here’s the company that singlehandedly revolutionized the music business 10 years ago with the one-two punch of the iPod ...

Ginger Baker’s Jazz Confusion

by Paul Rapp June 18, 2015


  What I owe to Ginger Baker is immeasurable. Suffice it to say that in my early teens I, along with a generation of players, absorbed all of those Cream records, especially the live ones with ...

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The Artists Facetiously Known as Prince

by Paul Rapp June 11, 2015

The Internet got highly agitato last week with news of Richard Prince’s latest art-world gambit: making comments on other people’s Instagram photos, then putting a screen shot of the photo plus comments on big pieces ...

The Wired, Wired West

by Paul Rapp May 14, 2015


Wonders never cease. It looks like my mountain house in this tiny Berkshire mountain town is gonna get some serious broadband Internet. We’re talking fiber, and we’re talking something like $50 a month. I live in ...


Unfair Trade

by Paul Rapp May 4, 2015


You may have caught wind about a bizarre firefight going on between President Obama and some prominent Democrats, most notably Elizabeth Warren, over some trade agreements with catchy acronyms like TPP, TIPP, and TAFTA. This ...

Well, This Changes Everything–I Think

by Paul Rapp February 20, 2015


  In my last column we talked about the Flo & Eddie lawsuit seeking performance-right payments for pre-1972 recordings. The lawsuit is going very well for them, and as I explained, it highlights what a putrid ...

I Can’t See Me Suing Nobody But You

by Paul Rapp February 5, 2015


  Maybe you’ve heard about how the Turtles’ Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (aka Flo and Eddie) just won a big lawsuit against Sirius radio that will entitle them to all kinds of money related to ...

Band of Broaders

by Paul Rapp January 22, 2015


  All kinds of fun on the broadband front. Finally, we’re seeing some leadership that understands the need for real and affordable high-speed Internet, as a basic human right, as a public-safety necessity, as an economic ...

Rock, Scissors, Paper

by Paul Rapp January 8, 2015


  Don’t know about you, but I hardly use paper anymore. When I opened my own law practice almost 11 years ago, I was going through paper like there was no tomorrow. I bought big boxes ...

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Wake It Shake It Sony Sony

by Paul Rapp December 24, 2014

  This Sony hack thing is one profoundly smelly continuously exploding canister of weird. And it will just keep getting weirder. I mean, as I’m writing this (Tuesday afternoon), Sony suddenly decides that The Interview will ...

Nick Lowe and Los Straitjackets

by Paul Rapp December 24, 2014


  When this show was announced it took my breath away. It all looked so good on paper. But that was nothing compared to how it played out on stage. Oh my god . . . Nick ...

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The Trial Before Christmas

by Paul Rapp December 4, 2014


  Troy author and publicist Duncan Crary is reprising The Trial Before Christmas, this Sunday (Dec. 7) at 2 PM in the John T. Casey Ceremonial Courtroom in the Rensselaer County Courthouse, which sits at the ...

Rensselaer County Courthouse

Attention Chopper Parodists

by Paul Rapp November 26, 2014


  Last week, Price Chopper made the beguiling announcement that it was changing its name to “Market 32,” apparently a reference to the company’s first store (the chain originally was called Central Markets), which opened in ...


Nothing But Net (Neutrality)

by Paul Rapp November 13, 2014


  Did anybody see this coming? In the aftermath of the disastrous midterm elections, leaving us ashamed of our country and fearful of the future, President Obama issued a startling call for pure, clean net neutrality. For ...

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Who’s Gonna Pay?

by Paul Rapp October 30, 2014


  When Apple rolled out the iPhone 6 a couple of weeks ago, most of us were too busy running around yelling about the atrocity of having the new U2 album rammed down our throats to ...

Habana Sax/Steven Wright

by Paul Rapp October 23, 2014

  This was a conumdrum. On Friday night, Habana Sax, the obscure but brilliant Cuban jazz quintet whom I go back with a ways, were making a rare stop in Albany at the Swyer Theater at ...

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Richard Thompson, the Mastersons

by Paul Rapp October 16, 2014


  Part of my deal here at Metroland is a requirement that I check in with Richard Thompson every couple of years to see how he’s doing. I’m pleased to report that Richard Thompson continues to ...

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