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Stephen Leon

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Stephen Leon

Moveable Feasts

by Stephen Leon October 22, 2015


    You see celebrity chefs everywhere: on TV, on covers of their cookbooks, doing cooking demos at high-profile events. And if you read about them or travel to enough cities and casinos and major theme parks, ...

New World Home Cooking

Turning Toward Positive

by Stephen Leon August 13, 2015

meg allen_slTHUMB

  By her own admission, Meg Allen was heading down the wrong path, “at a really fast pace.” “I was partying a lot, hanging out at the bars and really living in an unhealthy way,” says Allen, ...

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Fresh, Sustainable, Marketable

by Stephen Leon May 21, 2015


  When Peter Kenyon and Dora Swan began selling fresh seafood at the Delmar Farmers Market in August 2011, “there was no place around that sold fresh, sustainable seafood,” Swan says. “There was no place to ...


At Home in Sacred Space

by Stephen Leon May 14, 2015

thumb_20listen pic

  When Sarah Craig left her job running a nonprofit in Cambridge, Mass., to settle with her new husband in rural Washington County, N.Y., she was looking forward to the change. “I got up here, and I ...

Caffe Lena

Turnin’ It Down

by Stephen Leon January 8, 2015


  Some years ago, as my wife was driving the car and listening to one of the local country stations, I had a déjà vu moment when Garry Allan’s “Best I Ever Had” came on. I ...

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The Gift of Spirits

by Stephen Leon December 18, 2014


  To get into that holiday spirit, what could be more festive than the gift of spirits? I remember when I first came of age, not just legal drinking age, but the age at which I had ...

Profiles in Fear

by Stephen Leon December 4, 2014

  For some reason, I went to work early that Thursday, the day after we put the paper to bed and I could have slept later if I had wanted to. It was before 9 AM ...

Lovin’ in the Oven

by Stephen Leon November 20, 2014


    Debbie Klauber’s home kitchen looks like it could be in the back of a restaurant. It’s a wide room with copper and stainless-steel countertops, a 10-burner gas stove, two wall ovens, a refrigerator, an antique ...


Very Old School

by Stephen Leon October 30, 2014


  All I wanted was a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Like I used to order at the lunch counter at Newberry’s, where they grilled the American cheese between two slices of white bread, flattening it with ...

How We Do It

by Stephen Leon October 16, 2014

thumb_jacks 4

  Why is Jack’s Oyster House open 365 days a year? You might expect that from a diner or a Dunkin’ Donuts, but why Jack’s, an elegant downtown Albany restaurant that has been in business for 101 ...

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Small World

by Stephen Leon July 6, 2014

  A Saturday morning sometime last season in the TV room, tuned in to the English Premier League. I’m watching Manchester United with two or three of my sons. Wayne Rooney and co. are being challenged ...

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by Stephen Leon May 14, 2014

thumb_Scott Marr_Brian Schneider

  Is it possible that the Capital Region will produce two Division 1 college national champions in one year? That’s not a question Scott Marr would even try to answer today. The head coach of the University ...

So You Like Writing Too?

by Stephen Leon May 1, 2014


  “I think the thing that they are most surprised about—and we’re talking about high school students here—the thing we hear most from the students is that they are excited to find a community of young ...

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Renew, Reduce, Evade

by Stephen Leon April 24, 2014

  With the April 30 cutoff for public comments approaching, critics of a long-term energy plan for New York state say that the process has undermined public participation and that the deadline needs to be extended. The ...

Oil and Water

by Stephen Leon April 17, 2014

  The recent steep increase in the number of potentially dangerous oil-tank rail cars passing through the Port of Albany already has drawn sharp criticism from concerned citizens in the Capital Region. Last week, the Adirondack ...

Follow, Like, Retweet, Thrive

by Stephen Leon March 20, 2014


  “I’m always surprised by how many people tweet when they’re drunk—myself included,” says Matt Baumgartner, owner of a half-dozen restaurant-bars in the Capital Region. “But I’ve found that if you mention the word “tequila” in ...

Education by Subtraction

by Stephen Leon March 6, 2014

  New York state is failing to meet its constitutional obligations to provide an equal educational opportunity to all New York students, according to a report released Monday by the Alliance for Quality Education and the ...

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Just a Little Slip

by Stephen Leon March 6, 2014

  As if to underscore area residents’ concerns over the recent flood of crude oil shipments coming by train through the Port of Albany, 13 CSX tank cars carrying crude derailed at the Selkirk rail yards ...

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The Experience of Art

by Stephen Leon February 27, 2014


  At least two people I know have seen Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa at the Louvre. My brother-in-law saw it while traveling Europe in the’70s; and my oldest son visited the Louvre on a school trip ...

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If You Could Turn Back Time

by Stephen Leon January 30, 2014


  “The one thing that we wish with our whole hearts that we had done was make a video of our day!” says Andrea, who has fond memories—and photos—of the day she married Mark. “We spent ...

Christmas Bring My Check This Year

by Stephen Leon December 18, 2013


  On a hot day in August 1981, Chris Butler sat in a New York City cab and scratched out lyrics to a new song he and his bandmates were about to record. The band’s indie ...

Soccer in the City

by Stephen Leon October 31, 2013


Erick Kwizera collected a pass that sent him into the right corner, where he tried several moves to escape the two Bethlehem defenders who had pinned him in. Finally, the junior Albany High midfielder found ...


O Pittsfield!

by Stephen Leon June 19, 2013


If I had a quarter in my pocket and Mom wasn’t expecting me home immediately after school, I might have headed over to Elm Street when Egremont Elementary School let out. Jules Superette was a ...


Listeners Welcome Here

by Stephen Leon March 6, 2013

thumb_WEXT-Katie Gorham_jz

A song ends, and a familiar voice enters the radio airspace. In dulcet tones and a mellow, deliberate cadence, Katie Gorham recites the names and performers of the last several songs her listeners heard, occasionally ...


What You Ask For

by Stephen Leon January 31, 2013


When you are discussing your wedding-related service with clients, is there any one thing almost all of them ask for? To look stylish and comfortable on the dance floor on their wedding day. --Michèle Marie Paré, ...

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