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Stephen Leon

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Stephen Leon

Follow, Like, Retweet, Thrive

by Stephen Leon March 20, 2014


  “I’m always surprised by how many people tweet when they’re drunk—myself included,” says Matt Baumgartner, owner of a half-dozen restaurant-bars in the Capital Region. “But I’ve found that if you mention the word “tequila” in ...


Education by Subtraction

by Stephen Leon March 6, 2014

  New York state is failing to meet its constitutional obligations to provide an equal educational opportunity to all New York students, according to a report released Monday by the Alliance for Quality Education and the ...

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Just a Little Slip

by Stephen Leon March 6, 2014

  As if to underscore area residents’ concerns over the recent flood of crude oil shipments coming by train through the Port of Albany, 13 CSX tank cars carrying crude derailed at the Selkirk rail yards ...

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The Experience of Art

by Stephen Leon February 27, 2014


  At least two people I know have seen Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa at the Louvre. My brother-in-law saw it while traveling Europe in the’70s; and my oldest son visited the Louvre on a school trip ...

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If You Could Turn Back Time

by Stephen Leon January 30, 2014


  “The one thing that we wish with our whole hearts that we had done was make a video of our day!” says Andrea, who has fond memories—and photos—of the day she married Mark. “We spent ...


Christmas Bring My Check This Year

by Stephen Leon December 18, 2013


  On a hot day in August 1981, Chris Butler sat in a New York City cab and scratched out lyrics to a new song he and his bandmates were about to record. The band’s indie ...


Soccer in the City

by Stephen Leon October 31, 2013


Erick Kwizera collected a pass that sent him into the right corner, where he tried several moves to escape the two Bethlehem defenders who had pinned him in. Finally, the junior Albany High midfielder found ...


O Pittsfield!

by Stephen Leon June 19, 2013


If I had a quarter in my pocket and Mom wasn’t expecting me home immediately after school, I might have headed over to Elm Street when Egremont Elementary School let out. Jules Superette was a ...


Listeners Welcome Here

by Stephen Leon March 6, 2013

thumb_WEXT-Katie Gorham_jz

A song ends, and a familiar voice enters the radio airspace. In dulcet tones and a mellow, deliberate cadence, Katie Gorham recites the names and performers of the last several songs her listeners heard, occasionally ...


What You Ask For

by Stephen Leon January 31, 2013


When you are discussing your wedding-related service with clients, is there any one thing almost all of them ask for? To look stylish and comfortable on the dance floor on their wedding day. --Michèle Marie Paré, ...

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Acceptable Levels

by Stephen Leon December 20, 2012

  For most of us, life will go on as usual after the news dies down about the mass killings in Newtown, Conn. Just as life went on after Aurora, after Tucson, after Virginia Tech, after ...

Paying It Homeward

by Stephen Leon December 6, 2012


  Sharon Fenno knew that many consumers have been rethinking their shopping strategies in recent years to be more supportive of locally owned businesses, but she was still surprised by something that happened recently in Circles, ...

Don’t Bank on Her

by Stephen Leon October 17, 2012

thumb_42newspic_lindsay_ben huff

  While most political junkies have been occupied this past week with the feisty VP and presidential debates and the ensuing clash of the pundits, another presidential candidate made a campaign stop in Albany Monday with ...

Get Outta Town!

by Stephen Leon September 7, 2012


What are your plans for the weekend? There’s always plenty to do here in the Capital Region, but if you’re beginning to feel like you’re on the same old treadmill of parties and bars, late ...

Young and Valued

by Stephen Leon June 14, 2012


In 1999, Amanda Root was 19 and working as a waitress. What might have been a carefree time for her in picturesque Great Barrington, Mass., was anything but. The transformation of Great Barrington from a ...

Crazy Hate

by Stephen Leon March 15, 2012

Rick Santorum doesn’t like cities. At least, he doesn’t like New York and Los Angeles. Speaking in the Midwest and making vague appeals to voters’ Heartland values, he said, “. . . you don’t live in ...

The Poetry of Missed Connections

by Stephen Leon February 10, 2012

Surely this world will never again know the likes of the love letters between John and Abigail Adams. Prose, playfulness, wit, affection . . . and just getting warmed up in the first 140 characters. My ...


Time to Upgrade?

by Stephen Leon January 26, 2012


  The logo on the website, which went live on Monday, says, merely, “Kathy Sheehan for Albany.” And although there is considerable speculation among insiders that she is planning to run for mayor in 2013, Sheehan, ...

We Grow Our Own

by Stephen Leon June 23, 2011


When Berkshire Co-op Market opened at its current location in Great Barrington in 2002, the store sold about $100,000 in locally grown and made products in its first year. “And we thought that was the ...

Nadia Trinkala, 1966-2011

by Stephen Leon April 13, 2011


Painter, jewelry maker and sometime store and gallery owner Nadia Trinkala died suddenly last week. Trinkala was widely known and much loved in local arts circles, and is remembered not only for her boundless creative ...

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Metroland’s New Website

by Stephen Leon March 3, 2011

Late in the afternoon last Thursday, Feb. 24, we finally went live with the new Metroland website we had been working on since last summer. Although the launch itself was delayed by several hours (the ...


16 love

by Stephen Leon February 11, 2010

If a teacher didn’t give us assigned seats, it didn’t matter: Students sat in pretty much the same place day after day. In English, Nicole sat kitty-corner behind me to my left; in chemistry, we ...