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One Man’s Pollution Is Another Man’s Paycheck

To the Editor:

Yes, thank you Stop the Plant, for keeping that terribly unsightly plant and those big SLC corporate meanies out [Best Environmental Victory, Best Of the Capital Region ’05, July 21]. Give yourselves a round of applause for keeping meaningful, productive jobs and industry out of the Hudson Valley so the NYC folks and out-of-state tourists won’t have their precious “pristine country beauty” spoiled. Thanks for helping to keep upstate and the city of Hudson a bedroom community. Who cares about the fact that a large portion of the locals are barely scraping by on marginally paying service jobs when there’s a quick buck to be made on selling overpriced trinkets to the weekenders? Have to go now. . . . I hear Wal-Mart is having a sale.

Stephen Jalanti


Don’t Dump on Coeymans

To the Editor:

I was disappointed that Metroland’s July 14 interviews [“The Candidates on the Record,” Newsfront] with the four candidates for mayor of Albany did not ask any questions about the city’s more than 10-year, so-far-unsuccessful effort to site a large regional landfill in the town of Coeymans.

Residents of Coeymans have blocked the dump for a decade and will continue to do so.

Mayor Jennings says Albany has no choice but to continue pursuing the Coeymans site. Nonsense. The Coeymans site is unworkable, and it is time for Albany’s elected officials and their challengers to admit it. The targeted site contains large amounts of wetlands. A report prepared for the city last year indicated that the section of the Coeymans site where the dump would go contains more than 100 acres of wetlands. The city is wasting time and money chasing the impossible.

It is time for the city to either find a new location for a future dump or get out of the landfill business altogether. Regardless of which path is chosen, the city needs to get serious about developing a comprehensive reduction, recycling, and composting program.

Albany politicians should remember that Albany gets its high-quality water from Coeymans. Are we going to pay Coeymans back by giving them our trash and that a dozen or more other municipalities?

Thomas Ellis


Name Games

To the Editor:

I was interested to read the story “What’s in a Domain Name” [Newsfront, July 14], all the more so as I am the registered owner of the domain name in question, and was never contacted in regard to this story.

Waltz did not register “” on June 4; the registration date was July 3, which is easily verifiable from the “whois” record. This domain was registered only after John Rosenzweig designed, printed and dropped a piece of literature promoting it without having registered the address. Although this literature was dropped around most of the 8th Ward about a week later (probably because of a reprint to correct a flaw in the printing of one of the photographs), oddly our street and the street on which Bob Sheehan lives were dropped early. (Hmmm.)

None of the domain names you cite related to the 8th ward candidate names have been promoted by Waltz at any time, in any way—not by mail, handouts, e-mail or search engine placement. This includes

The problem with “timely completion” of Rosenzweig’s Web site would seem to be very serious indeed, because counting backwards, logically his brochure would have been submitted to the printer at least a week before it was dropped at our house on the morning of July 2. Mr. Rosenzweig should definitely consider hiring a different Web design company, if something so basic as the registration of a domain name was not completed long before his flyers hit the street. But, delay or no delay, John had the responsibility for what went out on that literature. Would you print a phone number on your business cards before the phone company has given it to you?

Terry Thatcher Waltz



The story “What’s in a Domain Name?” (Newsfront, July 14) did not make it clear who had registered the domain names in question. It was not Craig Waltz as an individual, but Terry Thatcher, for Craig Waltz’s campaign (with Waltz’s knowledge). Also, was not registered on June 4 as the other domains in the story were; it was registered July 3.


Wait . . . there’s more! In last week’s Best Of the Capital Region ’05 (July 21), two Best Of winners that had been selected by the staff were inadvertently omitted. Here they are:


Best Indian Restaurant


31 Central Ave., Albany

407 Fulton St., Troy

15 Park Ave., Clifton Park

They’ve more than proven themselves, and at three locations! Lunch buffets are an Indian restaurant tradition; here they’re fast and inexpensive and kept under scrutiny so that you’ll get something hot and fresh. Dinner options are varied and lively, with excellent Tandoori fare.


Best Restaurant Resurrection


95 Ferry St., Troy

Not only is it back, but Sam’s is back at its old location, and it feels very much as if he never left. Which is a wonderful thing, because you’ll quickly realize how much you missed Sam Zolio’s take on gourmet Italian fare. Like the cream sauce on the pasta Anselmo, working magic on broccoli and sausage and noodles galore.



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