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Thanks, and Watch Your Hexameter

To the Editor:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for naming me the Best Workhorse [Best of the Capital Region, July 20]. It’s a great honor. It’s really nice to be noticed for things I have done in the community but I do have to let you and everyone know that it’s not an effort I do alone. I could not do all these things on my own.

So when you named me the Best Workhorse it’s actually a “Team of Workhorses.” A team that is able to come together when a job needs to get done. The job is usually raising money for things like the AIDS Walk, or our friend Mel Jones who got hit by a “hit and run” driver in Saratoga, or the Gay and Lesbian Community Center during Pride week.

I think its only right that I name some of the people behind Team A-Man Karaoke. These are the ones always there and willing to help make dreams come true:

People like Dennis, Mama, Shaun, Juan and Robb who actually host the Karaoke Shows. They are the ones on the front line talking up the events, collecting money, coming up with the fun ideas to get people to give up their money for whatever the cause might be. They are the true workhorses.

And the owners of the bars: Circus Café, WaterWorks, Oh Bar, Club Phoenix and Billy Jack’s. They let me and my team go into their bars to promote whatever the cause may be.

My extended team also includes Peter and Scotty from WaterWorks, Mike from Oh Bar, DJ Storm from Club Phoenix, Carmie Hope from Billy Jack’s, Frieda Muchon and many other drag queens who do countless numbers of benefits and fundraisers each year.

And the biggest thanks has to go out to the patrons who actually give all this money that we raise. It’s amazing how a few dollars here and a few dollars there add up to a lot of money in the end. Last September, in six weeks, we raised over $7,500 for the AIDS Walk. Without the patrons we could have never ever done that. My goal this year is $10,000 in four weeks. My team is ready to work hard to meet this goal.

As you can see, alone I just couldn’t do it all, I need a team. I want to thank everyone who has been part of Team A-Man Karaoke in one way or another. I could have never been named Metroland’s Best Workhorse without you!!!

The A-Man


To the Editor:

Great Best Of issue, as usual. I wanted to point out one thing, though—the phrase Cheeky Tiki Monkey doesn’t scan as iambic pentameter. It’s actually trochaic hexameter. I pity the fool that mixes up his poetry meters.

Anna Hendrick Schenectady

Leave It to the Majority

To the Editor:

Regarding the New York Court decision against gay marriage [“The Court Objected, And Spoke,” Newsfront, July 13], Metroland queries, “Just how progressive of a state is New York anyway?” (Just how grammatical of a newspaper is Metroland?)

The piece goes on to note that only 32 percent of New Yorkers support gay marriage. Metroland nevertheless wishes the courts would impose it. This you call progressivism. I call it anti-democratic elitism, a penchant for imposing upon an unwilling society your own values and ideology. In other words, exactly what you’re always accusing the religious right of doing.

I’m totally in favor of gay marriage, but I believe the court did the right thing in refusing to find that the constitution somehow requires it (which would have flabbergasted its authors), and holding that, instead, this decision needs to be made democratically by the state’s citizens through their elected representatives. Issues like this cannot be resolved through undemocratic judicial diktat. It is precisely because the U.S. Supreme Court made that mistake in Roe v. Wade that abortion became such a poisonous issue in American politics. By contrast, most European nations legalized abortion through open democratic processes whose legitimacy the losers had to accept, and hence they no longer fight about it. Until we can likewise persuade a democratic majority, there should be no gay marriage.

Frank S. Robinson


Editor’s reply:

The query referred to in the first paragraph of this letter was attributed, however nonspecifically, to “some” New Yorkers (presumably the supporters of gay marriage). It was not presented as the newspaper’s or the writer’s own voice.


In a recent review of the Card Lake Inn [“A Fresh Take on History,” Food, June 29], that restaurant’s head chef was misidentified as Liz Waldman. While Waldman is a chef and co-owner, the head chef is Stephan Langille. All of the recipes referred to in the article are of his design.

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