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Larkfest: Celebrating 25 years of music, Lark Street Neighborhood

Please join us this year to kick off your Hudson River Valley Ramble in Albany, as LARKfest draws music fans, craft lovers and families to a fun-filled end-of-summer happening! With an average attendance of over 60,000 people, we expect this year’s event to be more successful and exciting than ever.

LARKfest is possible thanks to support from our premiere underwriter, the David B. Silipigno Foundation, our presenting sponsor, Ruch Distributors Inc., and our co-sponsor, Mayor Jerry Jennings and the City of Albany.

LARKfest always offers a wide variety of unique vendors. Pottery, candles, art pieces, baskets, tapestries, toys and all kinds of jewelry are just a few of the exciting items available for sale along the street. Let us not forget the outstanding festival food! In addition to the traditional fried dough and sausage sandwiches, a variety of international cuisines will add spice to LARKfest, including a number of our popular local restaurants.

Surrounding all the LARKfest activity are more than 70 businesses; restaurants, bars, cafes and shops, housed in the architecturally beautiful 19th Century buildings of Albany’s Historic Lark Street Neighborhood.

Join us for music, food and fun!

LARKfest on Saturday, Sept. 16 will be a blast for people of all ages, so bring the family!




The Madison Avenue Stage

WEQX is very excited to present the following entertainment lineup:

12:15 - 1 PM
Phillips Head

Phillips Head is a uniquely entertaining original rock band based in upstate NY. The band is well known for their high-energy live show, catchy songs, and loyal fan base. With their explosive sound and intensive schedule, Phillips Head has proven to be a major contributor to the region’s original-music scene. It’s a powerhouse blend of pop, punk, and rock, driven by forceful guitar chords, punchy bass lines, and rock-solid rhythms.

1:30-2:15 PM
The Velmas

Since 1999, the Velmas—bassist Todd ‘Figaro’ Minnick, guitarist Mike ‘Harvey’ Grosshandler and drummer Michael ‘Bruce’ Bruce—have been entertaining upstate New York. The Velmas are three singers and songwriters creating powerful rock music. Their sound is influenced by old-school to modern rock, punk, reggae, and even country and classical. In concert, the Velmas back their music with a playful, high-energy live show, which is the reason why Albany-area ‘Velmites’ have voted them the Capital Region’s Best Alternative Band (Metroland, 2006).

2:45-3:45 PM
Nightmare of You

Brandon Reilly steps forward as lead vocalist for Nightmare of You, a band he formed in 2003 with high-school friend Joseph McCaffrey, who had begun assisting Reilly with a few solo songs between his duties in his previous band, the Movielife. Ryan Heil joined in on bass and New York hardcore veteran Sammy Siegler (Rival Schools, CIV, Gorilla Biscuits) took over on drums. Though their credentials are noteworthy, you’d be remiss to let the past color how you will eventually hear their self-titled, Bevonshire East/West debut; a stunning album full of broad-shoulder hooks and poetic interludes.



4:30-5:45 PM

Everclear’s body of work is marked by multi-million sales, critical praise, a Grammy nomination and awards including the 1998 Billboard Modern Rock Artist of the Year honor. “[Lead singer] Art Alexakis makes it all vivid through accumulation of detail, and he spits it out with a Lennon-like candor and an unruly, unstoppable energy,” wrote the Los Angeles Times’ Richard Cromelin about 1997’s double-platinum So Much For The Afterglow. After two years of heavy touring in support of Afterglow, the group took the unorthodox route of releasing two different and acclaimed albums in the same year, 2000’s Songs From An American Movie, Volumes 1 & 2. Everclear followed 2003’s Slow Motion Daydream with 2004’s 20-track career retrospective Ten Years Gone: The Best of Everclear 1994-2004. Everclear’s 2006 release, Welcome to the Drama Club, will be out Tuesday, Sept. 12.


The Washington Avenue Stage

WEQX is very excited to present the following entertainment lineup:

11:45-12:30 PM
The Day Jobs

The Day Jobs first surfaced in June 1999, formed out of the ashes of two prominent Albany-area bands, the Explosives and Lughead, emerging from the rock & roll trenches as the new ambassadors of power pop. Since their inception, the band have been recognized for their tight live performances and Rich Baldes’ songwriting prowess, earning them Metroland’s Best Pop Band honors and supporting spots on bills with Frank Black, Superdrag and the Figgs. The Day Jobs have released their 14-song power-pop manifesto, How I Wanted To Be.


1:00-1:45 PM
Hector On Stilts

Naming Pittsfield, Mass.-based quartet, Hector On Stilts, Best Pop Band in their Best Of 2005 issue, Metroland wrote, “Hector On Stilts have charisma, talent, and smoldering good looks, all of which are well-known prerequisites for a fabulous pop band.” Intensely melodic, utterly danceable, HOS harmonize like a latter-day Everly Brothers with a live show that’s part rock, part discotheque. Salsa-spiced new wave, cinematic anti-epics and bittersweet alt- ditties make their sophomore release, Same Height Relation, a revelation in modern pop.

2:15-3:15 PM

Weaving deeply contemplative yet accessible lyrical ideas with a cool, scorching blend of ultra-melodic rock, sensuous electronica, trip-hop and industrial elements, ism have been favorably compared to Nine Inch Nails and “a more rockin’ Radiohead.” Charismatic lead singer and songwriter Andre Mistier’s rich intellectual sensibility comes alive amid a rush of blistering, crazy-by-design energy.


3:45-4:45 PM

Hailing from Watford, England (birthplace of Sir Elton), Mohair have played together in various forms since the age of 12, when they started a Commitments cover band(!) Years of experience playing together along with great songwriting influences and the devotion of these lifelong friends to their dream has yielded a sound that harkens back to the days when rock was raucous and bands were fun. Their songs are vibrant, tight and sun-drenched compositions that retain a dynamic sensibility. Songs like “Talk of the Town” and “Stranded” showcase the band’s skill at combining multi-layered harmonies with boisterous guitars, keyboards and a driving rhythm section that creates an overall raw and energetic sound that is cheeky and devilishly playful.


Visit the EQX website,, to learn more about these great bands.

The Hometown Stage

The Hometown Stage continues 25 years of LARKfest tradition with live performances by outstanding local artists. MotherJudge, host of Albany’s longest-running and most-successful open mic, is your host. The Hometown Stage also features a daylong Poets’ Open Mic hosted by Albany Poets.

Noon-12:20 PM

Girl-fronted power “pop-n-rock” from Bethlehem, featuring original songs by young songwriter Valerie Webb.

12:35-12:55 PM
Los Traviesos

Original Spanish-language hip-hop. A trio of incredible rhythmic seduction. Check them out at

1:05-1:25 PM
Laura Boggs

Voted Metroland’s Best Female Singer-Songwriter for 2006. Her delicate and lovely songs are full of passion. Check her out at MySpace.

1:40-2 PM
Cristo Lewis

Cristo Lewis, at 5 years old, has already been playing guitar and singing songs by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Steve Earle for more than a year and a half. This Adirondack native is an inspiration to both young and old.

2:10-2:40 PM
MotherJudge, Steve Candlen & Mitch Elrod

MotherJudge, Steve Candlen and Mitch Elrod combine excellent songwriting and outstanding vocal harmonies for a spellbinding musical experience. www.mother

2:50-3:20 PM
Albany Poets

Albany Poets are a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the literary community. Poets Mary Panza, Thom Francis, Nicole Peyrafitte, Rachel Zitomer, Alex Albino and Dain Brammage weave their poetry performance with live, improvised music.

rick whispers

3:35-4:05 PM
Pitch Control Music

Pitch Control Music presents hip-hop masters Rick Whispers and Shyste in live performance with special guests adding extra flavors from the home-brewed hip-hop squadron.

4:20-5 PM
Paddy Kilrain

Paddy Kilrain and her band bring a much anticipated set to the Hometown Stage. Kilrain and her music are a centerpiece of the Capital Region music scene; her from-the-heart lyrics and from-the-gut guitar playing make her songs unforgettable.

Noon-5 PM Poets’ Speak Loud Open Mic

Sign up at the Albany Poets Tent at the Hometown Stage!

The Family Stage

For the seventh year, eba will present the LARKfest Family Stage at the corner of Lark Street and Hudson Avenue, just outside the eba Theater. Each performance is designed to be family friendly and appeal to young and old alike. Dancers, musicians, storytellers and magicians weave their magic from noon-4 PM. Performances are about 20 minutes each and are repeated during the day.


Wheelhouse: performances at Noon and 1 PM*

Wheelhouse is a Center Square acoustic-folk band that blends American and Celtic traditions.

Yallah Dance Ensemble: performing at 12:30 PM*

Celebrating life, from the dance of the village to the classical Middle Eastern Dance Orientale.

eba’s own everything but anchovies Dance Theatre: Performing GERMS at 1:30 and 3:30 PM*

eba’s GERMS performance explores bacteria, viruses, mold, tooth decay, salmonella and red and white blood cells as they become characters through dance, music and theatre. eba ingeniously teaches children about “helpful” and “harmful” germs and how our body works.

*Program subject to change. Please check the Schedule Board at the Family Stage at LARKfest for updates.


In recognition of this very special 25th Anniversary LARKfest Celebration, we’ve added a number of new and exciting features to this already outstanding event!

NEW this year!

History comes alive at the Hudson River Valley Na tional Heritage Area Expo as you explore the Revolutionary heritage of our region! SUNY professor and local historian, John Pipkin, will be offering guided tours of beautiful Washington Park. Get a peek at upcoming plans for the Hudson/Fulton/ Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration in 2009! Located at the intersection of Lark and State Streets.

NEW this year!

The LARKfest FamilyZone: A place for the whole family to play together as they create art! Regional dance, music, drama and visual artists and teachers will offer short workshops and instruction in the creative arts. No experience is necessary for most activities! All activities are FREE!

Located at the intersection of Lark Street and Hudson Avenue across from the Family Stage.

NEW this year!

You could find love by participating in Time Warner Cable’s Love On Demand at LARKFest! Love On Demand, digital cable channel 1009, is the latest in Capital Region dating. Free 2-3 minute video dating profiles of area singles are being taped at different hot spots and venues in the Capital Region. At LARKFest, you can find the Love On Demand crew at the intersection of Chestnut and Lark streets, so be sure to stop by! For more information about Love On Demand visit loveon

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