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Losing Hope

To the Editor:

Matt Welch writes, in his expose on John McCain [“Unmasking the Maverick, April 10], that the Arizona senator declares himself a man who “detests war,” a la Orwell’s 1984 doublespeak. Welch the cipher has transposed McCain’s statement, letting us not-so-savvy in on a secret: McCain really means he detests peace.

McCain is not the maverick as he was labeled in 2000. They now tell me that McCain is worse than GWB. The Iraq War will last a hundred years. McCain said so. Or did he?

I have never voted for any Republican in any election, ever.

But I have had enough. After watching this Democratic debacle they call a primary, my options are this: either sitting this one out, voting for Nader (that is, if he can get on the ballot in our so-called democracy), or casting my vote for McCain.

I will not vote for Obama. He is a shaman, an illusion, a fraud. Hope and change are tossed around like marketing buzz words. Obama’s claim of being a “uniter, not a divider” will prove to be as great a charade as our current impostor-in-chief.

The inept Democratic Party this year are honing in on equaling a truly historic disaster, the election of 1968. It was the last time in my adult life I was not proud to be a Democrat.

For the Democratic Party to claim that what we are witnessing this year is true democracy in action is a canard. With one state holding a caucus, another a primary, one allowing anyone to show up on the day of the election and vote for whomever they choose, while another holds a closed primary, this mishmash of state-by-state anti-climactic contests is an embarrassment to the electoral process.

The gender and racial biases which have been stirred up from 40 years ago should have RFK and MLK rolling in their graves. They would not recognize this party of greed. As Nader so succinctly stated, “There is not a dime’s worth of difference between them Dems or them Republicans.”

McCain is no more a maverick than Obama is JFK, MLK, RFK.

Many Democrats seem determined to bend over backwards to appease Obama, while incessantly trumpeting his anti-Iraq war stance from 2002. Beware the wrath that will be heaped upon the person who would dare criticize the Great Black Hope.

Democrats are so desperate to elect someone, anyone, as president, they will excuse the blatant hypocrisies of Obama, shoving their man across the finishing line in November, before anyone notices.

2008 is not 1968. We could have never contemplated a woman and a black running a viable campaign for the White House back then. We have come far, but we have far to go.

McCain is no more a maverick than he is a warmonger. These labels are nothing but clever attempts by a media who have already deemed Obama the newest star on the horizon, worthy of their collective praise.

Will Metroland be a maverick this year? Will they do something completely different? Or is their enthusiastic endorsement of Barack Obama, like that mushroom cloud from 2003, imminent?

I await your decision this fall. Surprise me.

Dennis Dzamba


Dangerous Games

To the Editor:

Thanks to Jo Page for bringing public attention to the controversial 2008 Summer Olympics in Bejing in her recent column “Games Above All?” [Reckonings, March 27].

The slogan for Summer Games is “One World, One Dream,” but, while Chinese officials dream of new infrastructures, international prestige, and economic benefits, the Tibetans they deny independence live a daily nightmare of violence, torture, imprisonment, exile, and murder.

The official Olympics website says the goal of the Olympic movement “is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind.” In 2001, when China won the bid to host this summer’s Games, it was supposedly contingent on their promise to cease human rights violations. Seven years have passed, yet violations remain rampant and severe. Until Tibetans are treated with peace instead of discrimination, China is failing to fulfill the one true dream of the Olympics.

The United States has the opportunity to use the Bejing Olympics as political leverage in the campaign to free Tibet, but because this issue isn’t a ticket on the presidential agenda, officials are pretending to wield no power over the games. To claim that politics are not a part of the Olympics, as spokesperson Sean McCormack did, is an egregious farce. Indeed, it is with politically charged motivations that McCormack and the presidency he represents pretend the Olympics are solely about athletics in order to bypass the issue of Tibet. Believe this: If there were oil in Tibet, McCormack would be singing a different Olympic anthem.

Elizabeth Conway



Last week, in one of our Earth Day articles [“Big Ball of Energy,” April 17], we calculated that 0.75 percent of 54,000 is 4,050. Wrong! Ask a fifth grader: It’s 405. We promise to use our calculators in the future.

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