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Pearl Street Nightclub, Thursday

Here’s a rare chance for grungesters (hipsters, back up until it’s your turn): the opportunity to watch a band who made the bands who made the salad days of alternative radio (Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc.). For those of you who still wear your hair long, your Doc Martens laced-up high, and your flannel shirt unbuttoned, now is the time to reconnect with your unkempt brethren. Mudhoney have been around since 1988, and their signature “Seattle sound” (some would call it grunge) hasn’t changed much in 20 years: Drummer Dan Peters still works around Steve Turner’s reverby blasts of guitar, giving some movement to the throaty bursts of vocalist Mark Arm. So go on and say it—“Dude, I totally knew them back when they made Nirvana”—because the indie-rock crowd deserves a break. (June 5, 8:30 PM, $18, 10 Pearl St., Northampton, Mass., 413-584-7771)

Dead-Lift CD release

Northern Lights, Saturday

Times change, people change, tastes change: Welcome to the wonderful world of metal. When the band Dead-Lift started their journey in 2003, it probably didn’t seem like such a bad proposition to bill one’s band as “New York’s premiere rap-rock band.” In 2008, when even Linkin Park has all but dropped their MC, the rap component of that formula isn’t so bankable. But thanks to an easy rebranding courtesy of MySpace, we can now announce that Schenectady-based metal-rock-grindcore band Dead-Lift will celebrate the release of their second album, Poor Man’s Anthem, this weekend at Northern Lights. Their music hasn’t actually changed all that much—it fits well with a particular strain of ‘90s hardcore (see: Biohazard)—but somehow it just feels purer now. Get a free copy of the new CD when you check out Dead-Lift this Saturday night; Reinfecta, Inverted, and Driven Further will open the show. (June 7, 7 PM, $10, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park, 371-0012)


Water Works Pub, Saturday

Music snobs of a certain age enjoy poking fun at whatever music the kids are enjoying these days—with their teeny-bopper Hannah Nebraska and all that noise—but we know the snobbery is only an attempt to deflect attention from their own dark pasts. Note to those people: Tiffany’s self-titled album sold more than 4 million copies; you totally owned it. The voice behind a bunch of hit ’80s covers of hit ’60s songs brings her star power to town this week, and you’re psyched. Tiffany will perform Saturday night for this Capital Pride Week event; while she herself is heterosexual, she’s a big supporter of gay rights, which makes her cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now” all the more appropriate. Children, behave. (June 7, 11 PM, $10, 76 Central Ave., Albany, 465-9079)

Adrian Belew Power Trio

Revolution Hall, Sunday

He’s served more than a quarter-century as frontman for prog-rock titans King Crimson. His guitar prowess has been featured on recordings and in live performances by everyone from Frank Zappa to David Bowie to Tori Amos to Talking Heads to Nine Inch Nails. (Dude even played on Graceland, but we won’t hold that against him.) So what is Adrian Belew doing running around with a couple of kids one-third his age? To be fair, Eric and Julie Slick aren’t your average kids—the drummer and bassist (respectively) both attended Philadelphia’s Paul Green School of Rock, where Belew first met them in 2006. Impressed by the youngsters’ considerable skills, Belew invited them to play behind him on tour, and the Adrian Belew Power Trio was born. Get your mind blown this Sunday at Revolution Hall. Chris O’Connor opens. (June 8, 7 PM, $25, 425 River St., Troy, 274-0553)

Kirsten Price

Washington Park, Sunday

Citing the works of Leonard Bernstein, Bach, and Prince as “classic records,” Kirsten Price digs different roots to grow her own garden of funky alternative-soul. The Brit from Brooklyn sings with similar conviction to what launched Amy Winehouse onto the cover of Rolling Stone, yet separates herself from fellow blue-eyed U.K. soul sisters with her gritty vocal sound and emotion. On stage, Price sings and strums her electric guitar—which resembles a red hybrid of the late Bo Diddley’s rectangular Gretsch and Kurt Cobain’s (in)famous Fender Mustang—while being backed by a band who effortly shift from jazz to soul to pop. Price’s set on Sunday at Pridefest should include both bluesy ballads of heartbreak and groovy dance numbers like “Crazy Beautiful” and “Magic Tree,” the opening track on her latest album, Guts and Garbage. (June 8, 3 PM, free, Washington Park, Albany, 462-6138)

Also Noted

Here comes the neighborhood: The youthful punk sounds of Just Surrender will hit Valentine’s tonight (Thursday), along with a slew of other bands (7 PM, $12, 432-6572). . . . Also tonight, Seattle-based Americana duo the Starlings—whose lead vocalist, Joy Mills, has been favorably compared to Neko Case—will play songs from their new disc, Marveling the While, at Schenectady’s Moon and River Café (9 PM, free, 382-1938). . . . Summer is officially here, and thus begins another year of the Tang Museum’s Upbeat on the Roof music series; tomorrow’s (Friday) kickoff show features the duo stylings of Mitch Elrod and MotherJudge (7 PM, free, 580-8080). . . . The excellent double bill of Dan Bern and Jenny Scheinman perform at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, Mass. on Friday (7 PM, $20, 413-584-0610). . . . The following night at the Iron Horse, get your 1940s-via-the-late-’90s nostalgia fix with the Squirrel Nut Zippers (7 PM, $31, 413-584-0610). . . . If you like being the first on the block to pick up new music but the Dead-Lift CD release isn’t your bag, you can grab the new disc from acoustic duo Simple Theory Saturday night at the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy; admission includes a free CD (6 PM, $15, 273-0552). . . . The 5th Annual Old Iron Spring Festival takes place Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa; the McKrells, Skeeter Creek, Aztec Two-Step, and Jeremy James are among those scheduled to perform (10 AM, $7, $10 both days, 368-4821). . . . The Capital Underground Live music series at Savannah’s has moved to Wednesdays; this week, catch Silver Tongue Devil and Death Is Easy (8 PM, free, 426-9647).

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