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The Digital Domain

Lots of us have begun the transition away from DVDs, CDs and books to streaming videos, MP3s and e-books. But it’s unlikely that many are ready for the kind of wholesale renunciation of physical objects made by voluntarily homeless Chris Yurista, whose sole possessions are a “backpack full of designer clothing, a laptop, an external hard drive, a small piano keyboard and a bicycle.”

In order to get greater insight into what may be a youthful trend, we found a local man who has made a similar decision. Here, he shares his online journal entries.

Boys & Girls in America

June 12, 8:40 PM EDT

Man, I don’t know what’s up with Julie, these days. She’s being a major bitch. (And I thought she was edgy when she was IN law school.) When she got home today from work, she totally interrupted my podcast recording—even though I had put the red bulb in the lamp—and freaked out on me about dusting. AGAIN! WTF? I mean, 1) Hello, I’m podcasting! And, 2) who dusts? What are we, the Smithsonian? But I was cool. I pointed out that it totally doesn’t bother me and she’s at work, like, 14 hours a day. She’s hardly ever even awake at home. So, what’s the diff? She just stormed off into the bedroom and slammed the door. I still don’t know where she put the bulb, though.


June 22, 9:15 AM EDT

Sorry for the long time between posts, kids. Things have been kinda crazy, and I was as they say, “away from the computer” for a while. Julie’s rampage continues unabated and she’s moved the iMac into her room. So, now, instead of 27’’, I’m working on this miserable 15’’ screen. It’s Julie’s old laptop. I guess she’s feeling a little guilty about making me sleep in the living room for so long. Ha! Serves her right!

Goin’ Surfin’

June 24, 9:15 PM

Wassup? I’m typing this from my man Garry’s pad. I’m going to be crashing here for a little while. The Julie situation was just getting out of hand. We’re taking some time, you know? I think it’s all good, though. Julie had just started taking me for granted. When you work at home, like I do, and you’re always there for someone—day in, day out, always right there—sometimes you’ve got to shake it up and remind them how good they’ve got it. Like, if she was at work and forgot something, all she had to do was IM me and I’d set it on the table by the door for her to come pick it up. She’s got to learn to miss that.

Open For Bid’ness

June 25, 8:20 AM

Crazy that I’m up at this hour, huh? But me and Julie had to talk—well, that’s what she told me when she called this morning at, like, dawn. We agreed that the time alone has been really good for us, and that we should, you know, keep at it. The apartness, I mean. I can totally see other people if I want. But this is good. I mean, if she hadn’t proposed it I was probably going to. I’ll leave her a note to that effect when I go to pick up my stuff later today.

Minimal Is In-imal

June 25, 10:10 PM EDT

It’s funny how you don’t really know how much stuff you’ve got till you decide to move it. Turns out I had hardly anything, at all. I swear, it used to seem like I had a TON of cool shit. I mean, it seemed that way when Julie was always on me about organizing it, or freakin’ DUSTING it! But, get this, pretty much every piece of that stuff was hers! HA! I’ve got, like, 2 pairs of jeans, some T-shirts, the iPod Julie got me for Xmas, the USB microphone she got me for my birthday, and that rad old bike I found behind Big Lots, that her brother fixed up for me. Seriously, I’ve got, like, nothing! She is going to feel so stupid! Plus, she said I can totally keep the laptop!

Going Mobile

July 1, 12:34 PM

Yo, peeps. This is the third time today I’ve tried to post something but the first coffee shop I was at wouldn’t let me use the wifi without a purchase, and the second didn’t even HAVE it! So, now, I’m in the park jacking the signal of some dude who should learn about ’net security, pronto! In fact, WLAN-1399, let me make you an offer: I’ll swap you some help with your system for some space on your couch. Won’t be for long. Garry and I just kept really different schedules, and stuff. I’m a totally awesome roommate, btw. Hit me up. Or just come over to the park. I’m the guy with the rad bike and the laptop.

—John Rodat

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