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Murphy’s Law
Valentine’s, Friday

Yes, you read it right. The hard-partying, hard-as-nails boys of Murphy’s Law are still at it. Once called the “Animal House of the New York hardcore scene,” Jimmy Gestapo and his rotating band of goons have been drinking, smoking, and thrashing fans for more than two decades now, releasing several classic LPs along the way, including Back With a Bong, Dedicated and their most recent release, The Party’s Over. Always balancing a powerful punk-rock attack with an almost juvenile sense of humor, Murphy’s Law are one of the cornerstones of the scene—in fact, attendance at one of their shows has long been considered a rite of passage for hardcore kids. On Friday, they’ll share the stage with Ducky Boys, Kings of Nothing, Plastic Jesus, and Blood or Whiskey. This also happens to be Plastic Jesus’ CD release show; be one of the first 250 through the door and you’ll get a free copy of the disc. (April 30, 7 PM, $12, 432-6572)

Sebadoh, J Mascis, Sonic Youth
John M. Greene Hall, Smith College, Northampton, Mass., Friday

A quick history lesson to explain why any self-respecting fan of “alternative” rock should make a beeline to Northampton on Friday night: Lou Barlow and J Mascis founded Dinosaur Jr. during their high school days in Western Massachusetts and played together through 1987, when they basically realized they hated each other’s guts. Barlow was finally “freed” in ’89, and the two didn’t speak to each other until a chance hookup at a Mascis show in England last summer. Friday’s show marks the first time the two have officially performed on the same bill in more than a decade, and it’s for a good cause: All proceeds benefit the Easthampton-based Community Resources for People with Autism. Plus, Barlow and his Sebadoh foil, Jason Loewenstein, have reunited for the “Turboacoustic” tour, their first in almost five years. Sonic Youth will head up the bill, giving fans a preview of songs from this summer’s Sonic Nurse LP. Claudia Malibu, Steve Westfield and the Lonesome Brothers, the Chemical Wedding and Lo Fine will also perform. (April 30, 5 PM, $25, 413-529-2428)

Isle of Klezbos
Chapel + Cultural Center, Friday

We don’t know what accounts for it, but as much as we hate all the punny names in the ska genre, we love ’em when attached to a klezmer act. There must be some etymological reason: The combination of the “k” and the “z” just sounds fun, like kazoo or Krazy Kat. Add a Hellenistic reference, and we’re completely sold. Of course, in this specific instance, it’s true that it helps that the critics have fallen all over themselves praising the all-woman klezmer act Isle of Klezbos—causing even that bastion of critical cool The Village Voice to coo like your nana, “These women will make you shake your tushies.” (April 30, 8 PM, $10, 274-7793)

UAlbany Parkfest
Altamont Fairgrounds, Sunday

If it’s spring, it must be time for another UAlbany-sponsored Parkfest. You know the drill: beer, sun, music, food, a lot of kids in Student Association T-shirts acting like they own the place, more cops than are needed to put down a crowd of starving rioters in Bangladesh, more sun and more beer. This year’s musical acts include perky Michelle Branch, amiable Guster, creedish Default, punkish Dropkick Murphys and the I-thought-he-retired-to-Hollywood hiphop legend DMX. There will be free transportation from UAlbany’s Collins Circle “all day,” so there’s even less excuse than usual for driving drunk. Nonmusical fun includes a motocross demonstration sponsored by an energy drink. (May 2, 11 AM, $25 nonstudents, $20 students,

Anne Heaton, Mieka Pauley
The Larkin Lounge, Friday

Anne Heaton has been dubbed by The Boston Globe as “easily [one] of the area’s most notable female singer-songwriters.” Hailing from Chicago, Heaton (who now calls New York City home) has just released her second studio album, called Give In. Her first, Black Notebook, received a ton of press when it came out in 2002. Like many talented players, Heaton began taking piano lessons at age 3 and has been playing ever since, short a hiatus when she was in college at Notre Dame and was the lead singer of a cover band. Now she’s touring in support of her new album, and she’ll stop in Albany tomorrow night at the Larkin, where she will be joined by Cambridge-based singer-songwriter Mieka Pauley, whose husky voice has been adored time after time by Billboard Magazine and other press. (April 30, 8 PM, $5, 463-5225)

Also Noted

Boston-based singer- songwriter Eric Himan rolls into town tonight for a performance at Lark Tavern (10 PM, $5, 463-7875). . . . The Original Acoustic Music Showcase at Justin’s returns on Friday night, with the soul-deep lineup of Bryan Thomas and Sean Rowe, and percussion accompaniment by Danny Whelchel (10:30 PM, $3, 436-7008). . . . It’s Jazz Legends weekend at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall: Wynton Marsalis will lead his quartet into town on Friday (8 PM, $37-42, 273-0038), while Saturday features the Dave Holland Quintet (8 PM, $22-26, 273-0038). If you’re having trouble choosing between the two, there are discounted weekend passes available. . . . Roadtrippers, take heed: There’s a great big outdoor festival taking place on Saturday at Hamilton College’s Minor Field—that’s in Clinton, just past Utica—with live music by Sleater- Kinney, the Unicorns, Catch-22 and a solo performance by Ted Leo (2 PM, free, 607-859-4011). . . . Supposedly, that God guy rested on Sunday, but ’round here, it’s an action-packed night for live music: The Sixfifteens will wrap up a weeklong tour in support of their recently released Fake Chapter Records LP, Let’s Not Think About It, on the downstairs stage at Valentine’s on Sunday night, along with the Stand In and Closed at Sunset (7:30 PM, $5, 432-6572); the upstairs stage is an all-ages multipack of ska, featuring the Slackers, plus locals Monkey Gone Mad and Public Access (7 PM, $10, 432-6572). . . . also on Sunday, double-necked-guitar slinger Deke Dickerson and the EccoFonics will plant their roots rock at the Ale House in Troy, along with area faves the Lustre Kings (7 PM, 272-9740). . . . Babyfaced pop-rocker Howie Day comes to Pearl Street in Northampton on Wednesday night. Day will soon stand trial for a pair of misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges in Madison, Wisc., and what’s more rock & roll than getting arrested for disorderly conduct? Absolutely nothing (7 PM, $19, 413-584-7771).

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