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Guided By Corporate Voices

To the Editor:

Any analysis of the structure of the world situation leads to some kind of analog to the theory that the West—the multinationals, the arms industries, neoconservative (fascist?) security states, the WTO and the World Bank, and so on—used and use their power to create terrorism. They obviously desperately need enemies (now that the Cold War is over). And it is convenient to label all resistance from those you oppress terrorism. So Stephen Leon’s implication [“An Intelligence Question,” Comment, Sept. 9], that the Bush regime knew of the Twin Towers catastrophe before it happened, has been put forth both subtly and overtly by progressives many times. It is too plausible to be stifled.

I’d like to propose an idea, which may get around the chief objection those on the Right use to quash such theorizing. The unprogressive always say they think this hypothesis too extreme, too horrifying, too far beyond the humanity of Beloved Leader. It’s not worth considering—never mind that our rulers kill some 40 or 50 thousand a year with car culture, or 18 thousand from lack of health care, or thousands from war, pollution, worker injuries, medical malpractice, food poison, blah blah etc., and never bat an eye.

However, if our leaders are acting unconsciously, to fulfill programs which exactly suit the needs of corporations, this answers the objection. If they are unconscious of their motives and deeper programming, then moral culpability is null.

I think these blokes have been brought along, bred and educated by a corporate system which has been in place for centuries, and which is evolving to greater and greater sophistication and autonomy, and I think they have been selected by the corporations to perfectly carry out the corporate agenda. They are not really their own persons, but “corp-o-men,” hive beings without free will.

All our leaders are creatures of corporate culture. Look at Cheney, or Rumsfeld. Even Bush, in his coke-addled way, has been brought up as the perfect spoiled corporate rich kid—looking to repeat the joys of his youth, ready to do anything to regain that high. This is one way the corporations keep control.

I firmly believe in evolution, and not just in biology. It seems to me any set of information transactions that exhibits variation and selection, be it subatomic particles or a social system, can undergo evolutionary change. And it seems to me that corporations are the newest evolutionary entities. We poor humans are like the tiny mammals that scurried out of the way of the dinosaurs as they crashed through the primeval jungles. Now we have to stand back for the Corpozillas.

So I don’t believe that Bush or Cheney or Wolfowitz had a direct hand in the Twin Tower deaths; but I do believe that the social structures they serve favored this terrorism—through the Carlyle Group, through the bin Ladens, through the House of Saud charities, through oil, and through too many multinational corporations to name or keep track of. I think the corporations want and need terrorism, and are setting the conditions that wind up getting people tortured, and sexually humiliated, and cause our leaders to invade countries and kill people and then fail to take the most basic and simple measures against terrorism in this country. This ensures a never-ending supply of terrorists and acts of terror, which in turn keeps defense spending up at the $500 billion mark, the oil flowing, and the police-state (corporate) power growing.

But I don’t necessarily believe that Bush or any of them know that this is what they are doing. They have been selected to behave in this way, in our brave new corporate world, and are unable to entertain any other options. It’s also worth remembering that the media are corporate, too, and are busily programming us to go along with the agenda. And, just as the neuron doesn’t know what the brain is thinking; it’s all unconscious. Nothing human is in charge.

Jim Connelly


To the Editor:

Frank S. Robinson states, “I don’t believe any U.S. president . . . would ever intentionally sacrifice American lives to advance his personal political interests” [Letters, Sept. 16]. Unfortunately, that is exactly what George W. Bush is doing in Iraq right now.

Dan Wilcox


Fighting the Machine

To the Editor:

David Soares’ recent victory in the Democratic primary [“Primary Shake-Up,” Sept. 16] has been celebrated around the region as a blow against the Democratic machine that controls our fair city—it has even been heralded by The Nation. No doubt it would be a significant victory if Mr. Soares were to win the general election and immediately refuse to enforce the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

However, we should be far more skeptical that the defeat of a machine candidate here or there has sounded the death-knell for the machine. Even if every machine candidate were to lose to an insurgent Democrat, we would still be faced with a city completely dominated by Democratic officials. Though they might be a more benign regime than the current one, would there be meaningful voting reform so as to make elections competitive?

This is the true test of the insurgent campaigns of David Soares and Margaret Walsh. If Mr. Soares is willing to take a stand on the Rockefeller Drug Laws, will he stand up and support instant-runoff voting or proportional representation, simple changes that could bring the edifice of the corrupt Democratic power-structure tumbling down, opening up breathing room for more democratic elections? This will benefit the minority, working-class constituency he is attempting to represent by giving them more chance to choose candidates with a platform that represents them, and it will be another significant institutional reform that a nationally known campaign could bring to prominence. I call on Mr. Soares to take the next step towards defeating the Democratic machine and become an advocate for meaningful voting reform.

Peter LaVenia

Co-Chair, Albany County Green Party



We omitted the photo credit for the photo of Bill Rainbolt [“Trust Us: We’re Majors,” Newsfront, Sept. 23]. The photo was taken by John Whipple.

Also in “Trust Us: We’re Majors,” [Newsfront, Sept. 23] the name of one of the new professors was incorrect. It is Thomas Bass, not William Bass.


Bill Rainbolt’s statement in “Trust Us: We’re Majors,” [Newsfront, Sept. 23] that no other SUNY university center has a journalism major gave the mistaken impression to some that no SUNY school has a journalism major. Rainbolt was only referring to the four “university centers” of Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Stony Brook. Several other SUNY schools have journalism majors. Though our quote was accurate, we regret the confusion it caused.

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