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Elvis Costello

by John Rodat November 13, 2013

  When Elvis Costello illuminated the large stage-floor-level “Request” light three-quarters of the way through his show at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, I did not call out. Amid hollers for “Pump It Up,” and “Oliver’s ...

John Fogerty

by Metroland Staff November 13, 2013

John Fogerty in concert, Times Union Center, Albany, NY, 11/10/2013

  Credence Clearwater Revival disbanded before the era of arena rock was really underway. That hasn’t prevented wayward frontman John Fogerty from growing into an arena-packing solo force though. The 68-year-old brought a fleet of his ...

Langhorne Slim and the Law

by Metroland Staff November 13, 2013


  Tombstone meets Van Halen? We’re not really sure what the costume theme was for Langhorne Slim and the Law’s Halloween show at Upstate Concert Hall. All we know is they rang it in with whiskey-fueled ...

Omaha Diner

by Paul Rapp November 13, 2013

  What a concept: a quartet of modern ace jazzbos doing nothing but interpretations of number-one hits. What’s not to like? Absolutely nothin’! The combo consisted of Helsinki’s monster drummer-in-residence Bobby Previte, the guitar virtuoso Charlie Hunter, ...

Ton Lokal

by Timothy Reidy November 6, 2013


  Tim Reidy is kind of a legend. I’m not the first person to make this proclamation. If you’ve recently been to see a local band, peruse galleries at Albany’s 1st Friday or Troy Night Out, ...


The Features

by Metroland Staff October 24, 2013


  It was beautiful disorder at the Hollow Bar and Kitchen on Oct. 12 when Nashville-based rock outfit the Features rolled through. Their fourth LP is finally earning the band a national spotlight and rightly so. ...


by Josh Potter October 24, 2013

  Two years ago, there would have been hundreds of half-naked kids shivering on the sidewalk outside Upstate Concert Hall, waiting to get in for a Monday night dubstep show. It wouldn’t have mattered who was ...

Mark Kleinhaut and Neil Lamb

by Jeff Nania October 16, 2013


  The catchiest tune on Mark Kleinhaut and Neil Lamb's new duo guitar album is easily “Trickster.” Its short start-stop intro leads into a melody that chugs along on a dancing minor groove, which gives Lamb ...

Danny Brown, Action Bronson

by Josh Potter October 9, 2013

  Indie rap has long been a kind of mythical creature. While blogs like DatPiff spill underground mixtapes on the daily, exposing new talent to the digital masses, the platform is more like Wonka’s great glass ...

Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck

by Paul Rapp October 9, 2013

  There are some shows one just does not miss. And if this sounds like an odd pairing, well, it was. And it was magical in all sorts of ways. First up: Brian Wilson, or rather 11 ...


Diana Krall

by Shawn Stone October 9, 2013

  On her most recent album, the moody and wistful Glad Rag Doll, piano player turned chanteuse Diana Krall teamed up with producer T-Bone Burnett to turn a collection of mostly forgotten songs from the 1920s ...


by Elyse Beaudoin October 9, 2013

  Glaring laser lights greeted EDM lovers at Upstate Concert Hall on Sunday. The crowd, who seemed to all be under 30, was decked out in neon clothes and accessories. Many wore flat-brimmed caps, one guy ...

Farm Aid

by Metroland Staff September 25, 2013

thumb_Farm Aid Seeger_mb

  The annual Farm Aid benefit concert is already a star-studded event, with Dave Matthews joining founders Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp on their musical crusade to help the plight of family farmers. This ...

Brand New

by Dan LaFave September 25, 2013

  Brand New ripped through a searing, sprawling performance last Wednesday in front of a capacity crowd at Upstate Concert Hall. Their nearly two-hour set was an exercise in community release; during many of the songs, ...

Robert DeLong

by Metroland Staff September 25, 2013


  The answer was “yes.” The question came in the chorus of Robert DeLong’s breakout single “Global Concepts.” The solo electronic artist performed on live drums as well as samplers and sequencers on Sept. 11 at ...

Joe Magnarelli and Jerry Weldon

by Jeff Nania September 25, 2013

  The group opened with Jimmy Heath’s “Gingerbread Boy” with Joe Magnarelli leading the charge and quoting from Sonny Rollins’ “Blue Seven.” In fact, the whole night was full of quoting from popular tunes of the ...

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John Scofield Überjam Band

by Jeff Nania September 18, 2013


  The show opened, and there was John Scofield with a Telecaster and Avi Bortnick with a Stratocaster along with a table of sampling machines. Bortnick used the the rig to conjure surging organ sounds during ...

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Basilica SoundScape

by Josh Potter September 18, 2013

  When people talk about events like Basilica SoundScape as an “antidote” to behemoth music festivals, they mostly highlight the modest scale, short lines, comfortable accomodations, lack of corporate advertising, and close attention to the event’s ...

Rest Fest

by Josh Potter September 11, 2013


  Over the past four years, the B3nson Records-helmed Restoration Festival has earned its stripes as an annual musical institution. With hurricane Irene and the loss of their original venue, St. Joseph’s Church in Albany, behind ...


The Black Crowes

by Metroland Staff September 11, 2013

  The summer outdoor concert season at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown drew to a close on Sept. 5 courtesy of blues rockers the Black Crowes. The classic brother band ended the second hiatus of their career ...

Gaslight Anthem

by Metroland Staff August 28, 2013


  Frontman Brian Fallon was uncharacteristically quiet between songs back on July 31, when his New Jersey-based punk band the Gaslight Anthem played Upstate Concert Hall. It likely had something to do with the “Bruuuuce” chants ...

Nick Lowe

by Paul Rapp August 28, 2013

  I’ve been telling everyone within earshot how much better Nick Lowe was at Helsinki last week than he was two years ago at the Linda. Then I dug out my review of that show, discovered ...

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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

by Metroland Staff July 31, 2013


  Will you get a load of that sequined tunic?! Stevie Nicks might be the only only other rocker who can pull off an ensemble like that. And Nicks never shredded a Gibson Flying V, something ...

Bang on a Can

by Metroland Staff July 31, 2013


  Members of the Bang on a Can ensemble took over the North Adams, Mass., bar the Mohawk on  July 24, stepping outside their experimental repertoire to perform Cuban jazz during an impromptu concert. Acclaimed Latin ...

Odd Future

by Joe D. Michon-Huneau July 24, 2013

  “Golf Wang! Golf Wang! Golf Wang!” chanted a hyperactive crowd of mostly white, teenage males. The room was sweltering and those who decided to remain fully clothed were perspiring visibly: White shirts became transparent, dark ...