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Welcome to the first annual Metroland Bar Guide. The list below was compiled by editorial staff from a variety of sources, including forms returned by the establishments themselves; any sentence or phrase surrounded by quote marks is the exact wording from the form. We have divided the region into 21 geographic areas and the arranged the entries alphabetically within those categories (see Contents, page 4). If your bar is not listed here, and you would like to be included in future editions and our online edition, please fill out the Bar Guide Form on page 31 and send to: Metroland Bar Guide, Metroland, 419 Madison Ave., Albany, NY 12210.


Institution #1

The Ginger Man

234 Western Ave., Albany

Year established: 1983

Ambiance: cozy, classy

If the Ginger Man were a painting, it would be Edouard Manet, A Bar at the Folies-Bergère

When Michael and Pat Byron purchased the building known today as the Ginger Man, they did so with the idea of becoming the first wine bar in the Capital Region. Today, the family-owned and family-operated establishment offers more than 50 wines by the glass and double that number by the bottle. “With varying price ranges, we can accommodate the simplest to the most sophisticated palette,” says manager Julie Byron, the daughter of Michael and Pat.

In addition to the extensive wine list, The Ginger Man offers 18 beers on tap—five of which are seasonal feature beers—as well as a selection of scotches and bourbon. Not sure what you fancy? The bartender will be happy to serve you up a flight—three, three-ounce samples—of wines, single-malt scotches, small-batch bourbons or beer. “We really do try and focus on education and expanding your knowledge and your pallet,” Byron says. “It doesn’t have to be snobby. It can be fun, and it can be informative.”

The building itself dates back to the 1800s, when Albanians would come to what was then the Horton Heating Company in horse-drawn buggies to purchase coal. After the Byrons purchased the structure, it was renovated and expanded to keep the historical character intact. Today, the Ginger Man welcomes a regular crowd of professors, legislators and state workers, and also sees a lot of couples on their first date, Byron says.


Institution #2

Tess’ Lark Tavern

453 Madison Ave., Albany

Year established: 1933

Ambiance: Traditional pub with flair

If the Lark were a song, it would be “The Theme From Cheers”

It was end of a dark time in U.S. history in 1933—Prohibition. For 13 years, honest, god-fearing Americans had been forced to buy rotgut liquor of questionable provenance from unscrupulous characters. There was no sense of community. When beer, wine and spirits became legal to produce and sell again, the Lark Tavern was born—and a sense of neighborhood and community was restored.

Since Tess Collins took over the Lark a few years ago, she’s managed the delicate trick of keeping the down-to-earth neighborhood atmosphere while bringing in things both new and funky. There are the popular events like the monthly Brew Ha-Ha comedy shows, saucy Lipstick Lovelies revues, and fashion shows. The Lark’s musical horizons have expanded, too, with hip-hop, big band and rock shows—not to mention the popular Wednesday open mic, and the singer-songwriter competitions. With frequent performance tie-ins to local events like 1st Fridays and the annual Lark Fest, Collins has ensured that the Lark Tavern remains at the center of things.


Institution #3

Desperate Annie’s

12 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs

Year established: 1976

Ambiance: Wood-paneled rec room

If it were an episode of The Simpsons, it would be “Flaming Moes”

“Last night, went out with my friends/Tonight I’ll do it again/Desperate Annie’s is waiting there for me,” sang Saratoga Springs band Dryer in their ode to this unpretentious Caroline Street watering hole, known affectionately as “D.A.s” to the regulars. If you live in Saratoga Springs, chances are you’ve spent inordinate amounts of time here among the wooden booths, the pool table, the Simpsons pinball machine, the longtime bartenders Rock and John, and the motley assortment of locals and Skidmore students who fill the place. The jukebox, which owner Travis calls the “the best damned jukebox in the state,” plays everything from the MC5 and the Shins to the Figgs and the Kamikaze Hearts.

Desperate Annie’s inspires great loyalty among its customers, whose vacation postcards line the ceiling above the bar. That loyalty is reciprocated through non-gouging drink prices, friendly staff and a legendary New Year’s Eve party for regular patrons and friends. “We go out of our way to make people feel safe and welcome, which fosters a very family-like atmosphere,” says Travis (he goes by just “Travis”), who took over the bar in 1993 and is a regular fixture. “Yes it’s a business, but there’s more than just a monetary investment. It’s also my life as well as the livelihoods of my employees, and it’s where we live and make our friends.”


Institution #4

The Parting Glass

Address: 40-42 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs

Year established: 1981

Ambiance: All Irish, all the time

If the Parting Glass were a dance, it would be the Irish jig

Every town needs an Irish pub, it seems: an oasis of Guinness taps, Celtic decorations, fiddle players in kilts, and green beer on St. Patty’s Day. Saratoga Springs is no exception. Founded on St. Patrick’s Day 26 years ago by the Diblasio family, the Parting Glass is one of the oldest continuously run bars in the city. A family vibe predominates: It’s a place where you can take your kids for pub food, play games of English darts and hear traditional Irish and American folk music, including local favorites the McKrells. The beer, of course, is for the adults, who can choose from an assortment of 40 beers on tap and another 60 domestics and imports in bottles.

Not much has changed over the years, says Linda Diblasio, who started working at the family business when she was just 18. “I never thought we’d still be here after 26 years, but I hope we’ll still be here 25 years from now.”


Institution #5

The Ale House

680 River St., Troy

Year established: 1970

Ambiance: casual, neighborly

If the Ale House were a song, it would be Elvis Presley’s “A Big Hunk o’ Love”

The beauty of this Troy institution is that on any given night, when you walk through that front door, you know exactly what you are going to get: breezy, attentive service; delicious, rib-sticking grub; and friendly, easygoing drinking companions.

Brian Gilchrist has been running Ale House since 1990, after working there off-and-on for about 10 years. “I got to a point where I had to decide if I was in or I was out,” he says.

So he bought the bar.

Ale House has a way of making new friends, and keeping old ones close. Gilchrist says he has regulars that have been around for decades.

“It’s a pretty diverse crowd,” he says. “We have regulars who are here several times a week and never cross paths.”

It’s that diversity that keeps the regulars coming back. One night, you’re rubbing elbows with RPI students and profs in the crowded bar. Another, you’re singing along with blue-collar rockabilly in the backroom nuzzled next to a Hell’s Angel or two.

And the bartenders are no slouches—Booie got Metroland’s Best Bartender nod last year.


Institution #6

Waterworks Pub

76 Central Ave., Albany

Year established: 1983

Ambiance: Fabulous!

If Waterworks were a song, it would be “It’s Raining Men”

If you ask your gay friends what the gayest gay bar in Albany is, the answer will likely be Waterworks. For more than two decades, Waterworks has been an unwavering support to the gay and lesbian community. The huge dance floor, patio and downstairs bar provide plenty of room to commiserate. A consistently entertaining schedule of events, live music and entertainers has contributed to why Metroland has repeatedly bestowed the coveted Best Gay Bar title to the establishment. Gay, straight, bi, or even heteroflexible—if you haven’t experienced Waterworks, we suggest you give it a go. Trust us: A romp across the dance floor is an adventure in itself.


Institution #7

The Silver Slipper

97 Henry Johnson Blvd., Albany

Year established: 1980

Ambiance: unpretentious and welcoming

If the Silver Slipper were a song, it would be Eddie Kendricks’ “Keep on Truckin’ ”

An unassuming but attractive building on Henry Johnson Boulevard houses one of Arbor Hill’s quaint gems, the Silver Slipper. The inside of the bar isn’t quite as whimsical as its name might suggest, and that’s a good thing. It’s a tidy, broken-in type of place—a corner-situated spot that has seen it all and keeps on truckin’. This is the kind of place where if the walls could talk, they’d have your ear for days. On a typical evening you can find the owner, Phil, behind the bar, ready to serve you with a kind smile and a gentle manner. The regulars are likely to chat you up and invite you into their intimate haunt as if you were one of the family, and the jukebox supplies the background music—mostly new and old R&B. It’s comfy, cozy, and, in an odd way, soothing. This landmark neighborhood bar just celebrated its 27th birthday on Saturday (April 7), and here’s hoping for at least 27 more healthy, happy years.


Institution #8

Iffy’s Place

234 Washington Ave., Albany

Year established: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Ambiance: downtrodden, gritty

If Iffy’s were a song, it would be “Waiting For the Man” by Velvet Underground

Iffy’s is a drinking-persons bar. No frills attached, except for the pool table, a couple of TVs and a dart board. The patrons at Iffy’s tend to proudly remind strangers that their bar is featured on They also like to offer their bar as a place you can always come when you are feeling down, because someone in the bar will always be worse off than you. The truth is, Iffy’s provides a safe haven for those who want to spend more time talking to themselves than they do the opposite sex. Iffy’s itself is a survivor, as its original location was demolished to make room for parking. If you want to drink at a bar that will put hair on your chest, Iffy’s is an Albany institution you cannot afford to miss.


Institution #9

Pauly’s Hotel

337 Central Ave., Albany

Year established: 1889

Ambiance: timeless

If Pauly’s Hotel were a book (in 1907), it would be John Dos Passos, The 42nd Parallel.

If you walked into Pauly’s Hotel just once in your life and walked out again 10 minutes later, you would have no idea what a rich history has unfolded within these walls over the last, oh, 118 years—or even how vastly different the saloon is today on a Monday afternoon as opposed to a Friday night.

On a recent Thursday evening when several area colleges were on Spring Break, the only customers seated at the long Pauly’s bar were three men who have been of legal drinking age for at least 35 years. With the spacious room virtually empty, it was easy to look around and take in the various details: lots of original woodwork, especially around the bar, which is well-preserved and beautiful in a big-mirrored, old-timey way. The intricately detailed red ceiling, too, apparently is original. But much of the room looks old and faded, and only the ghosts of once-up-and-coming bands and cooks frying up food haunt the deserted back area.

Close your eyes, enter the time machine, open again—now it’s a Friday night with college in session, and you can barely get from the door to the bar through the sea of drunken young bodies. To some, this is hook-up heaven; to others, it’s heave-up hell, like the Internet poster who decried the “drunk morons from St. Rose and SUNY.”

Enter the time machine again, and go back to the ’80s: The room is full of Albany hipsters swaying to live music from local and national acts du jour. A few of the details are different, like the bowling game and the chicken wings, but the place is otherwise the same.

Once more into the time machine, into the ’90s, where we see gentlemen in sack coats, ascots and handlebar moustaches slugging back ale, debating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and listening to . . . Nirvana? No, try Scott Joplin, stupid. We’re in the 1890s. Back where it all began.



Albany (Downtown)


Albany Pump Station

19 Quackenbush Square, Albany, 447-9000. Full bar includes a wide array of award-winning microbrews. Food served until 10 PM Mon-Thu, 11 PM Fri-Sat, 8 PM Sun.

Antica Enoteca

200 Lark St., Albany, 463-2881. A unique and relaxing old-world wine bar, voted Best Wine Bar by Metroland. Tapas and appetizers served until 10:45 PM.


42 Howard St., Albany, 598-1800. “Three floors, four DJs, 15,000 feet of adventure.”

Bayou Café

79 N. Pearl St., Albany, 462-9033, Full bar with a full line of microbrews, 32 beers on tap and at least 30 types of bottled beer. The menu features Mexican, Southwestern, and Cajun goodies.

Blue 82

82 N. Pearl St., Albany, 445-8082, An upscale downtown lounge. Trivia. Live music.

Bombers Burrito Bar

258 Lark St., Albany, 463-9636, Popular Center Square hangout specializing in specialty margaritas, premium tequilas and lots and lots of beer. Karaoke, trivia, Win, Booze & Draw. TexMex served until 1 AM.

Broadway Joe’s

51 S. Pearl St. (in the Times Union Center), Albany, 432-5637. “Fun, entertaining atmosphere with many TVs for your sporting event pleasure.” Darts, basketball, trivia games, Quick Draw, OTB. Pub fare served until close.

Café Hollywood

275 Lark St, Albany, 472-9043, “Lights, drinks, food, action!” Touch Tunes Digital Music Jukebox. Pool, darts, Megatouch. Pub food served until 2 AM.

Capitol Grille

142 Washington Ave., Albany, 434-1616. “A cool bar with a cool vibe, great food, great music, and Courtney.” Live music. Darts, Megatouch. “Upscale” pub food served until 3 PM Mon-Fri.

Ciro’s Place

1118 Broadway, Albany, 432-0486, “We have go-go girls!”

DeJohn’s Restaurant & Pub

288 Lark St., Albany, Fun neighborhood restaurant and bar with a friendly staff. Spacious outdoor patio. Entrees, sandwiches and salads served until 11 PM Sun-Thu and until midnight Fri-Sat.

DP An American Brasserie

25 Chapel St., Albany, 436-7747, Bar/lounge. Serving Continental-Indonesian food.


205 Lark St., Albany, 449-ELDA (3532), A chic bar on Lark Street.

Envy Lounge

99 Pine St., Albany, Cocktail lounge, bottle service, and Latin dancing.

Franklin’s Tower

414 Broadway, Albany, 431-1920, “High-end pub and restaurant, great food, music and catering on all three floors.” Live music, karaoke. Serving Continental fare until 11 PM.

Fuze Box

12 Central Ave., Albany, 432-4472. With swing dancing on Thursdays, DJs on Fridays and Albany’s original ’80s night on Saturdays, this old White Tower hamburger stand is Albany’s most unique club. DJs, live music. Video games. Cash only.

Hill Street Café

180 Madison Ave., Albany, 462-3544, hill-street-café.com. “Your friendly neighborhood bar since 1983.” Pool, darts. Serving pub fare until 3 AM.

Iffy’s Place

234 Washington Ave., Albany, 463-9066. “Your friendly neighborhood bar.” Live music. Pool, Quickdraw, Pac-Man. Pub food served until 11 PM.


59 N. Pearl St., Albany, 432-1997, Three floors of eating, dancing, entertainment and games. Pool tables, dartboards, video arcade and big-screen TV. Live music, DJs. Pub food served until midnight Mon-Thu and 3 AM Fri-Sat.


301 Lark St., Albany, 436-7008, Restaurant and jazz club offering specialty martinis and wines by the glass as well as eclectic fare. Live music. Late-night fare served until 1 AM.

Kelsey’s Irish Pub

State and Lodge streets (in the Crowne Plaza Hotel), 462-6611. Live music.

Legends Sports Lounge

288 Lark St., Albany, Trivia every Wednesday. Pub fare served until 11 PM Sun-Thu and until midnight on Fri-Sat.

Lionheart Pub

448 Madison Ave., Albany, 436-9530, “Truly a beer lovers’ paradise with the absolute best of American micro-brews and quality imports ever to slide past your lips.” Patio. Pool, darts.


4 Clinton Square, Albany, 463-1455, An Irish sports pub celebrating over 25 years in downtown Albany. Trivia on Tuesdays. Live music.

New Madison Grille

331 Madison Ave., Albany, 434-1938. An unpretentious neighborhood pub. Jukebox. Pool, darts.

Nicole’s Bistro

25 Quackenbush Square, Albany, 465-1111, French bistro, quaint bar. Bistro food, tapas, desserts served until 10 PM.


895 Broadway, Albany, 434-4540, Sophisticated downtown bar and lounge. Live music, DJs. Tapas and party platters served until 1 AM.

Oh Bar

304 Lark St., Albany, 463-9004. Where gays, straights and heteroflexibles chill at the bar and lounge on the patio. DJs, karaoke. Pool, darts, video games.

Palais Royale

164 Jefferson St., Albany, 432-1970. “Albany’s original neighborhood bar and grill, featuring good food, good spirits and good atmosphere.” Pool, darts, Pac-Man, video games. American, Italian and Spanish tapas served until 2 AM.

Pearl Restaurant and Lounge

1 Steuben Place, Albany, 433-0011. Two bars, two dance floors, two dining rooms, patio overlooking Pearl Street. Live music, DJs. Continental food served until 10 PM.

Pinto and Hobbs

32 Dove St., Albany, 426-4900. Comfortable tavern serving pub fare and dinner entrees. Darts.

Pure Night Club

84-86 North Pearl St., Albany, 433-8338. “NYC nightlife.” DJs.

Red Square

388 Broadway, Albany, 465-0444, “Great live music local art and good quality beer.” Live music, DJs.

Riverfront Bar & Grill

Corning Preserve, Albany, 433-8005. “Albany’s only waterfront restaurant with daily specials.” Live music, DJs.


77 Central Ave., Albany, 472-3588. “Albany’s premier gay bar.” Daily happy hour 2-8 PM. DJs.


1 S. Pearl St., Albany, 426-9647. “Downtown’s best-kept secret.” Live music. Pub food served until 10 PM Mon-Thu and until midnight on Fri and Sat.

Simply Fish & Jazz

147 S. Pearl St., Albany, 396-3474. “Upscale jazz and multicultural club and restaurant.” Live music, DJs.

Smitty’s Pit Bar & Grille

138 Washington Ave., Albany, 465-6744. A friendly neighborhood bar. Darts.


8 Delaware Ave., Albany, 449-2988. “A warm neighborhood bar that’s like your home away from home.” Jukebox, darts, trivia night every Tuesday at 7 PM.

Tess’ Lark Tavern

453 Madison Ave., Albany, 463-9779, “Good friends, good food and good music—an interesting establishment with character throughout.” Live music, DJs. Pub food served until 2 AM Sun-Thu and until 3 AM Fri-Sat.

Thatcher St. Pub

16 Thatcher St., Albany, 456-2493. Fine spirits and food. DJs, Jukebox. Pool, darts. Pub food served until closed.

Tryst Ultra Lounge

418 Broadway, Albany, 431-8300, “Miami’s hottest, trendiest lounge comes to Albany.” DJs.

Valentine’s Music Hall & Beer Joint

17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572, “It’s a dump, but it’s our dump.” Live music, DJs. Pool, darts, video trivia. Cash only.

Victory Café

10 Sheridan Ave., Albany, 463-9113, Located in the heart of downtown Albany.


76 Central Ave., Albany, 465-9079. “Albany’s premier gay local pub and dance club with table and booth seating, a bunch of televisions and projection TV, and online jukebox.” Live music, DJs, karaoke. Pool, video games, darts.

Albany (Midtown)

Alibis Martini Bar

1100 Madison Ave., Albany, 489-0606. Trendy martini and margarita bar. DJS Wed and Fri. Sushi, Chinese, Thai and American fare served until 1 AM daily. Darts, Megatouch.


335 Central Ave., Albany, 463-9402, Your quintessential Irish pub.

Casey Finn’s Pub & Grill

507 Yates St., Albany, 459-4263. New owners and completely remodeled; open for lunch with an outdoor patio. Megatouch, darts, bowling machine.

Club Phoenix

348 Central Ave., Albany, 462-4862, “We’re having fun. . . . Are you?” Serving the gay community; everyone welcome. DJs, karaoke. Pub food served until 10 PM.

The Coliseum

198 Quail St., Albany, 436-7740. Bar/dance club. DJs. Cash only.

Elbo Room

170 Delaware Ave., Albany, 257-7300. Pool, darts, video games.

The Fountain

283 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 482-9898. Good food, good folks.

The Ginger Man Wine Bar & Restaurant

234 Western Ave., Albany, 427-5963. A casual wine bar and bistro with fine dining. Continental menu served until 11:30 PM Mon-Thu, 12:30 AM Fri-Sat (closed Sunday).

GoodFellas Bar and Restaurant

15 Watervliet Ave., Albany, 438-0069. A laid-back bar. Serving pub fare until close.

Graney’s Bar & Grill

275 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 453-3299, Irish sports bar, plenty of parking in rear. Live music, karaoke. Golf game, darts. Pub food served until 4 AM.

O’Brien’s at the Garden Grill

276 Second Ave., Albany, 462-0571. “A comfortable, friendly traditional Irish neighborhood tavern offering great food, drink and an eclectic mix of the best in live music.” Live music, DJs. Pub food served until 3 PM Sun-Thu, and until 11 PM Fri-Sat.

Orchard Tavern

68 N. Manning Blvd., Albany, 482-5677, “Wonderful atmosphere.” Patio. Quick Draw, Sports trivia.

Pauly’s Hotel

337 Central Ave., Albany, 426-0828. A landmark bar in midtown Albany. Live music.

Professor M. Barley’s

198 Quail St., Albany, 436-7740. “Where good people gather.” Patio. Pool, darts. “High-end” pub food served until 10 PM.

The Pub at 869 Madison

869 Madison Ave., Albany, 689-2039. “The old Partridge Pub, but cleaned up and much nicer with better specials.” DJs. Darts, Megatouch. Pub food served until midnight.

Sadie Klutz

894 Madison Ave., Albany, 459-8099. Pool, darts, video games.

Washington Tavern

250 Western Ave., Albany, 427-0091. Newly remodeled Albany staple with a business atmosphere by day and a college atmosphere by night. Golf game, darts. Irish pub fare served until 1 AM.

Ye Olde Tavern Sports Bar

38 Jeannette St., Albany. “Great atmosphere, lots of TVs with all the sports and inexpensive drinks.” Pool, darts. Pub food served until close.

Albany (Uptown)

BEFF’s Tavern

95 Everett Road, Albany, 482-2333. Relaxed neighborhood Irish-themed tavern catering to a professional and casual clientele. Diverse beer selection; 18 brews on tap. Live music, patio, darts. Pizza and pub fare along with more upscale entrees served until 10 PM Mon-Thu, 11 PM Fri-Sat, 9 PM Sun.

Cheer’s Road House Grill

27 Fuller Road, Albany, 489-3180. Full bar with lots of drink specials. Live music on weekends. Burgers, salads, etc.


15 Watervliet Ave., Albany, 438-0069. “Great food, low prices, unforgettable moments.” Live music, DJs, Darts, Quick Draw, Megatouch. Italian-American pub food served until closing.

Joe’s Grill

1044 Central Ave., Albany, 454-0870. “Friendly neighborhood bar with great food and drink prices—not just for old-timers any more!” Darts, Megatouch, Quick Draw. Serving American pub food till closing.

Lynn’s Uptown

15 Colvin Ave., Albany, 453-1566. Satellite TV, live music, darts, pool table. Popular wings and other pub food served until midnight.

Starting Gate Restaurant and Catering

55 Watervliet Ave., Albany, 482-8179. Friendly, low-key neighborhood bar with live music, jukebox, pool table, darts. Serving pub food until 3 AM.

Sutter’s Mill & Mining Co.

1200 Western Ave., Albany, 489-4910. A classic college/neighborhood bar famous for its burgers. Karaoke, bar games. Pub food served until midnight or so (10 PM on Sundays).


720 Central Ave., Albany, 489-4252. Sophisticated dance club with a twist. Classics and urban grooves.

Albany County

Smith’s Tavern

112 Maple Ave., Voorheesville, 765-4163. Neighborhood tavern and family restaurant in a famous landmark. Jukebox, occasional live music. Serving pizza and pub food till 10 PM Sun-Thu, 11 PM Fri-Sat. Cash and checks only.

Berkshire County

Bistro Zinc

56 Church St., Lenox, Mass., (413) 637-8800, Upscale restaurant and bar catering to locals and tourists; spacious room in the back with authentic zinc bar and red leather banquettes often attracts a bar crowd well past dinner. Wide selection of single-malt scotches, rums and wines by the glass. Bistro menu available in the bar until 10 PM.

Bogie’s Steak and Ale

935 S. Main St., Great Barrington, Mass., (413) 528-5959. Live music, DJs, pool table, TV trivia and poker. Serving dinner (steaks, seafood, pasta, etc.) and pub menus until 9 PM Fri-Tue, 9:30 PM Wed-Thu.

Dream Away Lodge

County Road, Becket, Mass., (413) 623-8725. If you can find it, there’s no place quite like it on the planet, especially when the high season clicks in after Memorial Day. Live music, eclectic clientele, rich history, surreal good times.


71 Church St., Lenox, Mass., (413) 637-2700. An eclectic crowd frequents this establishment, decorated in wood and warm colors with a beautiful mahogany bar. Live music. Restaurant menu features creative American cuisine with Asian and Spanish accents; this and the lighter tapas menu are served in the bar until 9 PM, 10 or 11 in summer.

The Lion’s Den

30 Main St., Stockbridge, Mass., (413) 298-5545. Venerable Berkshire watering hole downstairs in the historic Red Lion Inn. Pub-like atmosphere with live music nightly. American pub-style menu served Sun-Thu until 10 PM, Fri-Sat until 11 PM.

Patrick’s Pub

26 Bank Row, Pittsfield, Mass., (413) 499-1994. Warm, casual pub with lots of exposed brick and archways attracts a mix of young and old, families and singles, locals and tourists. Live music. American fare served until 11:30 PM weeknights, 12:30 AM weekends.

20 Railroad St.

20 Railroad St., Great Barrington, Mass., (413) 528-9345. The motto—“food, spirits, conversation”—pretty much captures the vibe of this laid-back bar-restaurant where locals have been gathering since before Great Barrington got hot. American pub menu served till 10 weekdays, 11 on weekends.

Union Bar & Grill

293 Main St., Great Barrington, Mass., (413) 528-6228. An upscale crowd gathers in this Soho-inspired bar-restaurant with loft-like design and plenty of steel and aluminum. Contemporary American menu served until 11 PM (closed Wednesday).

Colonie/Wolf Road


480 Sand Creek Road, Colonie, 869-2448. The menu, specializing in steaks and seafood, is available until 10:30 PM.

Bourbon Street

2209 Central Ave., Colonie, 382-1110. Full bar, DJs, karaoke.


1165 Central Ave., Colonie, 459-8440. One of the area’s best-known and longest-running gentlemen’s clubs. DJs, light dining until 8 PM.

Firkin & Fox

112 Wolf Road, Colonie, 453-2FOX. English pub with 22 beers on tap and more than 50 bottled beers. Ten flat-screen TVs, daily entertainment including live music and tarot-card reading. Daily food specials.

J.T. Maxies

240 Wolf Road, Colonie, 435-1551. Upscale bar and grill. DJs, karaoke, golf, darts. A wide variety of tavern food served until 3:30 AM.


2169 Central Ave., Colonie, 382-8786. Gentleman’s club with full bar, open till the wee small hours. American pub fare.

Columbia County


16 Park Place, Hudson, 822-9902. Hip, handsome, historic bar catering to trendy 20-somethings and business clientele. Live music, DJs, karaoke, trivia. American bar food served until 9 PM.

Peint o Gwrw

36 Main St., Chatham, 392-2337. Welsh-inspired pub, handsomely refinished with dark-stained wood and full of eccentric decorative touches such as broadswords, taxidermied animals and helmets from ancient warriors. The 15 or so beers on tap range from local to international. Live music, designated upstairs smoking area. Pub food served until 9 or 10 PM. Cash only (ATM inside).

Delmar/Glenmont/ Slingerlands

The Bar

54 Hancock Drive, Glenmont, 229-2342. sports bar and pool bar with outside area and Caribbean theme. Live music. Ringo. Cash only.

BEFF’s Tavern

367 Delaware Ave., Delmar, 475-1111. Friendly neighborhood tavern catering to a diverse crowd of locals and professionals. Extensive beer selection with 36 available on tap. Patio. Pizza and pub fare along with more upscale entrees served until 10 PM Mon-Thu, 11 PM Fri-Sat, 9 PM Sun.

Bellini’s Italian Eatery

1365 New Scotland Ave., Slingerlands, 439-6022. Full bar at both locations of this authentic Italian restaurant.

JJ Madden’s

1903 New Scotland Ave., Slingerlands, 475-2060. Pub and family eatery with live music.

Glens Falls/Queensbury

Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery

184 Glen St. (Route 9), Glens Falls, 743-9026. Full bar including 10 beers handcrafted on site, four guest bottled beers. Pool table, golf game, pinball, arcade games, Megatouch. Food served until closing.


Across the Street Pub

1238 Western Ave., Guilderland, 482-9432. Sports bar and family restaurant with 10 TVs including a large-screen. Good selection of domestic and imported beers, with 10 on tap. Quick Draw, darts, video game. Pub food available until 1 AM Mon-Sat (closed Sun).

Chico’s BBQ & Restaurant

2490 Western Ave., Guilderland, 456-0940. Full bar, menu served until 11 PM daily.


Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, 689-7777. Traditional Southern French and Mediterranean restaurant with spacious, elegant bar area. Live music. Serving food Sun-Mon till 9 PM, Tue-Thu till 10 PM, Fri-Sat till 10:30 PM.

TGI Friday’s

Stuyvesant Plaza, 489-1661. Lively bar in the middle of this now-famous chain restaurant. Food served until 1 AM.


Diamond Eight Billiards

9 Johnson Road, Latham, 786-8048. Full bar and 17 pool tables. DJs. Light pub fare served until 1 AM.

Malt River Brewing Company

Latham Circle Mall, 786-MALT. Spacious restaurant and bar offering more than 50 draft and bottled beers from around the world. Live music, pool table, darts. Acclaimed American menu available until 10 PM.

Nite Moves

677 New Loudon Road, Latham, 785-7739. Adult nightclub with more than 60 exotic dancers on staff. Music by DJs.

Philly Bar & Grill

622 Watervliet Shaker Road, Latham, 785-9559. Bar-restaurant featuring “authentic” Philly cheesesteaks (the owner, Rocky, is from Philadelphia), as well as live music, DJs, karaoke and darts. American menu served until 11 PM.


183 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham, 220-9900. “Straight-up or on the rocks, Santino’s always comes out on top.” Live music, DJs, karaoke. Italian-American menu served until 1 AM.

Vin Santo

Latham Farms, 786-TAPA. Elegant wine bar and restaurant featuring tapas and small-plate cuisine. Live music. Serving food until 11 PM Mon-Wed, midnight Thu, 1 AM Fri-Sat


Big G’s

50 Oneida St., Cohoes, 238-2133. “Something’s always happening at Big G’s.” Three dance floors, restaurant, live music, DJs and bar games. Open Thursday through Saturday.

Black Cat Ale House

25 White St., Cohoes, 235-3199. Neighborhood pub atmosphere, serving “pub food plus” until 10 PM.

Corner Well Pub

698 N. Pearl St., Menands, 427-9355. Irish pub with light fare and full meals available.

Emma’s Bar

228 Remsen St., Cohoes, 237-6345. “Fun, friendly bar” featuring $2 bottled beer. Jukebox, darts, ring toss. Come for free pizza on karaoke night every other Friday.

Kielty’s Emerald Isle

39 Broad St., Waterford, 237-2829. Authentic Irish pub with traditional fare, as well as “pub grub.”


40 Lincoln Ave., Watervliet, 273-9892. “A five-star establishment under the same ownership for over 40 years, with all the legal vices which include OTB and topless girls.” Pub food. Pool, golf game, trivia machine, darts, lotto. Karaoke nights. Food served until closing.

Purple Pub

2 Cohoes Road, Watervliet, 273-9646. Full bar. Italian and American fare, daily specials, “renowned pizza.”



1028 Route 146, Clifton Park, 383-1205. Extensive beer and wine list includes more than 40 beers by the bottle and 400 wines—50 by the glass. Vegetarian-friendly Italian food. Cash and checks only.

Applebee’s Grill and Bar

18 Park Ave., Clifton Park, 383-2004. Full bar in this restaurant featuring American fare for lunch and dinner.

Augie’s Family Style Restaurant & Bar

183 Church Ave, Ballston Spa, 884-8600, Full bar in this family-style Italian eatery.

Bellini’s Italian Eatery

19 Clifton Country Road, Clifton Park, 348-2090. Full bar at this authentic Italian restaurant.

Carney’s Tavern

17 Main St., Ballston Lake, 399-9926, This traditional Irish pub offers a variety of beers and ales on tap and in bottles. Full dinners and light fare available.

Double Vision

1917 Route 9, Clifton Park, 877-7353. There’s a full bar in this, one of the largest gentlemen’s clubs in upstate New York. VIP lounge, couch dances. Pub fare coming soon.

The Factory Eatery & Spirits

20 Prospect St., Ballston Spa, 885-0500. Two-level establishment with 40-foot mahogany-and-black-granite bar, 12 large high-definition TV screens, two brick fireplaces and a large courtyard. Live music, DJs, darts. Pub fare served until 1 AM.

Good Times Lakeview Restaurant

175 Lake Road, Ballston Lake, 399-9976, Full bar at this continental restaurant with a panoramic view of Ballston Lake.

Mr. C’s Pub

46 Route 146, Halfmoon, 664-6164. Wide selection of pub food, including pizza, wings, clubs, chili, clams, shrimp and steaks. Pool, darts, racing. Food served until closing.

Northern Lights

1208 Route 146, North Country Commons, Clifton Park, 371-0015. “The area’s premiere night club featuring the biggest and best club shows in the region.” Live music, pub food. Darts, pool, MegaTouch and more.

Park 54

54 Clifton Country Road, Clifton Park. 688-1548, An extensive wine selection, top-shelf liquor and a variety of beers. Restaurant serves seafood, steaks, lamb and duck. Check the Web site for special events.

Publik House Pub and Restaurant

Routes 9 and 9P, Malta, 587-5981. Full bar at this popular pizza and pasta restaurant. Full menu until 11 PM.

Ravenswood Pub

1021 Route 146, Clifton Park, 371-8771, Full bar at this American fare restaurant. Serving food until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Salty’s Pub & Bistro

Country Dollar Shopping Plaza, Guideboard Road, Halfmoon, 371-1120, 371-1694. Full bar in this neighborhood bistro known for its seafood.

Spa Brauhaus

200 E. High St., Ballston Spa, 885-4311, A variety of light and dark German beers are available at this German eatery’s full bar.

TGI Friday’s

1 Southside Drive, Clifton Park, 383-7148. Full bar at this well-known chain restaurant featuring American fare. Bar open until midnight.

Tuscan’s Grill

Parkwood Plaza, Route 9, Clifton Park, 371-5672. Full bar at this steak-and-seafood restaurant.

Outlying (North)

Alcove Marina & Pub

886 Route 4 South, Schuylerville, 695-6079. A “great four-season destination.” Serving pub food and drinks. Live music, DJs, karaoke. Pool, video games. Serving food until closing (2 AM).

DJ’s Nightclub

89 Canada St., Lake George, 668-9808. Seasonal bar and nightclub with outdoor deck and state-of-the-art sound system. DJs. Food served until 4 AM.

Outlying (South)

New World Home Cooking Co.

1411 Route 212, Saugerties, (845) 246-0900, Full bar in this new-American-style restaurant. Serving food until 11 PM Friday and Saturday.

Outlying (West)

American Hotel

192 Main St., Sharon Springs, 284-2105. A restored hotel with guest rooms available. Serving food until close Wed-Sun. Live music.

Beardslee Castle

Route 5, Little Falls, (315) 823-3000. Eclectic wine and beer selection in an historic Central New York castle. Serving food Thu-Sat until 9 PM, Sun until 8 PM.

Union Hall Inn

2 Union Place (Routes 29 and 67), Johnstown, 762-3210, union Full bar in a late-18th-century tavern-restaurant. Serving food until close Tue-Sat.

Villa Isidoro

3941 Route 20, Richfield Springs, (315) 858-3500. Rustic tavern featuring local brew and Old World Italian specialties from a wood-fired brick oven. Serving food till 9 PM weekdays, 10 PM weekends.

Rensselaer County

Capital Hideaway

205 Snyder’s Corners Road, Wynantskill, 283-6080. Gentlemen’s club. DJs.

The Crooked Lake House

2339 Route 43, Averill Park, 674-3894, Historical site with beautiful lake views and a 25-foot mahogany bar. Live music, DJ, karaoke. “American eclectic” menu served until 9 or 10 PM.

Michael’s of West Sand Lake

43 Mall, Routes 150 and 43, West Sand Lake, 674-5938. “A great place to eat, dance, see old friends and meet new ones.” Live music. Pool, darts, tabletop games. Pub food served until 4 AM


700 East St, Rensselaer, 463-9233. Classic neighborhood pub atmosphere. Live music, bar games.

Saratoga Springs

9 Maple Avenue

9 Maple Ave., Saratoga Springs, 583-CLUB. Huge single-malt scotch selection and martini menu, Victorian ambiance. Live jazz Fridays and Saturdays.

43 Phila Bistro

43 Phila St., Saratoga Springs, 584-2720. Full bar at this award-winning American bistro. Serving food until 10 Wed-Mon.


Phila and Putnam streets, Saratoga Springs, 583-6060. Inside café and outside patio bar and grill. Live music. Serving food until midnight.

Bookmaker’s at the Holiday Inn

232 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 587-8944. Full bar. Serving food until 10 PM daily.

Brindisi’s Restaurant and Bar

390 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 587-6262, 1930s New York City-themed bar with a huge picture window overlooking Saratoga’s main street. Serving food Mon-Thu until 10, Fri-Sat until 11, Sun until 9.


237 Union Ave., Saratoga Springs, 583-3333. Right across from the track, with racing-related memorabilia crowding the walls and an Italian-inspired menu. Serving food Sun-Wed until 9, Thu-Sat until 10.

Circus Café

392 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 583-1106, Festive, yet classic. Serving food until 10.


33 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, 584-3632. Right in the middle of Saratoga’s happening late-night scene. Serving food Sun-Thu until 10, Fri-Sat until 4 AM.

Desperate Annie’s

12 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, 587-2455. Unpretentious pub that inspires great loyalty among regulars, a motley assortment of locals and Skidmore students. Full bar, pool table, pinball.

Fortunes at Saratoga Gaming & Raceway

Saratoga Gaming and Raceway, Crescent Avenue, Saratoga Springs, 581-5790, saratogagamingan Bar and restaurant overlooking live harness racing. Serving food Tue-Thu until 10, Fri-Sat until 11, closed Sun-Mon.


16 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, 587-7359. A popular late-night destination. Serving food Sun-Mon until 9:30, Tue-Thu until 10:30, Fri-Sat until 11.

Grey Gelding Bistro & Bar

423 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 584-0957, Extensive wine list with emphasis on small vineyards from around the world. Serving food Fri-Sat until midnight and during Monday Night Football.

Horseshoe Inn Bar & Grill

1 Gridley St., Saratoga Springs, 587-4909. Serving food until midnight nightly.

Longfellow’s Hotel & Restaurant

500 Union Ave., Saratoga Springs, 587-0108, Serving food Mon-Thu until 10 PM, Fri-Sat until 11 PM, Sun until 9.

Olde Bryan Inn

123 Maple Ave., Saratoga Springs, 587-2990, Full, cozy bar, great for a cocktail or after-dinner drink. Serving food Sun-Thu until 10, Fri-Sat until 11.

One Caroline Street Bistro

1 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, 587-2026. A wine list that won the 2004-05 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Serving food Mon-Thu until 9, Fri-Sat until 10.

The Parting Glass

40-42 Lake Ave., Saratoga Springs, 583-1916. Irish pub. Live music, pub food.

Professor Moriarty’s

430 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 587-5981. Sip a cocktail amid Sherlockian memorabilia. Serving food until close daily.

Sargo’s at Saratoga National Golf Club

458 Union Ave., Saratoga Springs, 583-4653. An extensive wine list and outdoor terrace. Serving food until 9 PM Mon-Sat.


30 1/2 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, 584-9618. Extensive wine list in a “casual upscale” atmosphere. Serving food Mon-Sat until 10, Sun until 9.

Stadium Café

389 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 226-4437. Family-friendly sports bar. Serving food Sun-Thu until 11, Fri-Sat until midnight.

Thirteen Vodka Bar & Lounge

13 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, 581-1316. Hip-hop bar and lounge featuring more than 175 unique vodkas. Live music, DJ, karaoke.

The Wine Bar

417 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 584-7777. Extensive wine list, secluded smoking lounge to enjoy a cigar. Voted best wine bar three years in a row. Live music. Contemporary American cuisine served until 9 PM Tue-Sat (closed Sun-Mon).

Wishing Well

Route 9, Saratoga Springs, 584-7640. A Saratoga “landmark.” Serving light fare Tue-Sat until 10, Sun until 9.

Schenectady County

Bayou Café

507 Saratoga Road/Route 50, Glenville, 384-7226, Full bar with a full line of microbrews, 32 beers on tap and at least 30 types of bottled beer. The menu features Mexican, Southwestern, and Cajun goodies.

O’Leary’s Pub & Grill

153 Mohawk Ave., Scotia, 382-8909, Serving pub food until 10 PM Sun-Thu and 11 PM Fri-Sat.


Ambition Cafe

154 Jay St., Schenectady, 382-9277, Featuring a full bar and “light fare with a gourmet flair.”

Bangkok Bistro

268 State St., Schenectady, 374-3048, Chic ultra lounge, “Housexxy Saturdays.” DJs, karaoke. Serving sushi until 2 AM.


208 Front St., Schenectady, 372-4562. Newly remodeled corner pub. Pub food served, and a bowling machine. Cash only.

Fireside Pizzeria

1631 Eastern Parkway, Schenectady, 382-1616. A full bar with pizza, burgers, steaks and more.

Katie O’Byrne’s

121 Wall St., Schenectady, 395-5999. “Irish pub serving great food, pints, and smiles.” Live music, food served until 11 PM Sun-Thu, midnight Fri-Sat.

Manhattan Exchange

607 Union St., Schenectady, 374-5930. “The friendliest pub in town,” featuring nightly dinner specials. Serving until 10 Mon-Thu, 11 Fri-Sat, and only the lounge is open on Sunday.

Newest Lunch Bar and Grill

1925 Curry Road, Rotterdam, 355-7777, newestlunchbarand “Great neighborhood bar” featuring live entertainment, DJs and the establishment’s famous hot dogs. Bar food served until 9 PM. Darts, video games.

Night Sky Café

402 Union St., Schenectady, 372-2590, “A WiFi equipped bistro with an appreciation of music and an enjoyment of good food, good drink and good company.” Light fare served until midnight.

Park Inn

300 Michigan Ave., Schenectady, 382-9468. Neighborhood sports bar serving pub food until 11. The wings are very popular here. Cash only.

Pinhead Susan’s

38-40 N. Broadway, Schenectady, 346-6431. “All of your Irish favorites from beer to pub food with a family-friendly environment and adult nightlife.” Food served until 10 PM, with live music, and bar games. Thursday night is trivia night.

Stockade Inn

1 N. Church St., Schenectady, 346-3400. Full bar and restaurant.

Stoney Lane Tavern

1859 Van Vranken Ave., Schenectady, 382-9759. Neighborhood sports bar with “famous” deli sandwiches and pub food. Golf and video games. Open daily until 2 AM, serving lunch Wed-Fri.

Union Inn

517 Union St., Schenectady, 382-9264. One of the oldest neighborhood bars in Schenectady, featuring live music, other events, and an outdoor patio. Pool, darts. Pub food served until midnight. Cash only.


Ale House

680 River St., Troy, 272-9740. Voted Best Pub Fare by Metroland. Homemade soups, burgers, and daily specials served until midnight, with rock bands on the weekends. Dart board. Cash only.

Brown’s Brewing Company

425 River St., Troy, 273-beer (2337), “This Troy landmark is the Capital District’s original craft brewery and restaurant, specializing in homemade beer infused with multi-American faire located in a carefully restored 19th century factory on the mighty Hudson River front.” Darts, pool table, and foosball, with food served until 11 PM Mon-Thu, midnight Fri-Sat, and 10 PM Sun.

Captain J.P. Cruise Line

278 River St., Troy, 270-1901, Seasonal music cruises, dinner yacht, private charters, weddings and more. Serving brunch, dinner and private functions.

Daisy Baker’s

33 Second St., Troy, 266-9200, Beautiful historic space located across the street from the Troy Music Hall. American food served until 9 PM Mon-Thu, 10 PM Fri-Sat.

Fresno’s Southwest Restaurant & Bar

377 River St., Troy, 687-0737. Full bar and Southwestern fare.

Holmes & Watson

450 Broadway, Troy, 273-8526. A full bar with more than 100 beers, ales and stouts, and 24 on tap. Plus a wide menu and outdoor courtyard.

Hotspot WiFi Café & Lounge

122 4th St., Troy, 268-1111, Authentic Peruvian cuisine, hand-tossed pizzas, French-pressed coffees, freshly squeezed juices in a laid back, inviting atmosphere. Food served until 10 PM. Bar games include chess, cards, and others.

Irish Mist

285 2nd St., Troy, 266-8915, “Warm, friendly atmosphere. Extensive wine list. Great food.” Food served until 10 PM. Darts.

Jose Malone’s Mexican Irish Restaurant

405 River St., Troy, 273-2196, A Mexican Irish restaurant with more than 45 100-percent Agave Tequilas. Margaritas made from fresh-squeezed limes, never any sour mix, and a variety of Scotches and hard-to-find beers. Dinner served until 10 PM.

Positively 4th Street

46 4th St, Troy, 687-0064, “Rock, rock and more rock. Canned beer and cheap women.” Pub menu with darts and touch screens.

Revolution Hall

425 River St., Troy, 274-0553, “A gorgeous live-music venue featuring the best touring and regional artists.”

Ryan’s Wake Pub

403 River St., Troy, 270-wake (9253), Classic turn-of-the-century Irish-American pub serving large deli sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, cheese boards, and more. Full bar. Large outdoor deck overlooking the Hudson River. Closed Sundays.

South End Tavern

757 Burden Ave., Troy, 272-9661. A South Troy mainstay since 1934, featuring a full bar and “comfort” food.

Valenti’s Pub

729 Pawling Ave., Troy, 283-6766. “Legendary” Troy pub featuring live bands every Saturday night and DJ/karaoke every Friday night. Pool, darts. Offering pub food including pizza and wings.


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