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Seeing Double: The Anaglyphs of Eric Egas

by Shawn Stone August 13, 2015


  Eric Egas works with anaglyphs, three-dimensional stereoscopic images that “trick the eye into seeing depth” with red-blue 3D glasses. A few minutes before a recent press preview of his new exhibition at the Albany Institute ...

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Hitchcock Week at the Madison

by The Staff April 10, 2014


  The Master of Suspense holds court at Albany’s Madison Theater this week with four terrific films: Dial “M” for Murder, Rear Window, North by Northwest and The Birds. To sum up, respectively: a murderous husband ...

We’re Not in 2D Anymore

by Shawn Stone September 26, 2013


  There is certainly economic value in converting the 1939 version of The Wizard of Oz to 3D. If the original version goes into the public domain in 2035 (and that’s a big if), this version ...

The Human Dimension

by Laura Leon April 11, 2012

The transformation of the 1997 sensation, Titanic, into 3D may seem like a mere gimmick, designed to propel millions of kids who never saw the original back to the multiplex for a first gander. OK, ...

Lost and Found

by Shawn Stone December 7, 2011

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

Hugo began life as a graphic novel, and the intricate visual detail in director Martin Scorsese’s first foray into the 3D wonderland reflects this. Quite simply, Hugo is a gorgeous thing to look at. Scorsese ...

The Swashbuckling Spirit

by Shawn Stone October 26, 2011


Paul W.S. Anderson’s version of The Three Musketeers opens with a bravura sequence that doesn’t seem like it belongs in The Three Musketeers. Athos, Aramis, Porthos and a female confederate storm a Venetian palace with ...

Robot Smash

by Shawn Stone July 6, 2011

At this late date, is there a point to getting upset at anything in a Michael Bay film? Set aside the fact that the new Transformers movie couldn’t possibly be worse than the last, it’s ...

Time For a Recall, Pixar

by Laura Leon June 29, 2011

The summer blockbuster seasons roars into theaters with Cars 2, the rip-snorting sequel to the popular Pixar film that made “Lightning McQueen” and “Mater” household names. Well, that is, if your household is overrun with ...

Fine Feathered Friends

by Laura Leon April 27, 2011


One second into the opening musical number of Rio will have you completely forgetting the cold and dreary winter we’ve endured. Dappled sunlight lends a dreamy glow to the candy-colored flora and fauna of Brazil, ...


by Shawn Stone March 3, 2011

  This is a movie as single-minded as its protagonist. John Milton (Nicolas Cage) is a mysterious, even courtly “traveler” out to save his kin from harm—and to punish evildoers with extreme prejudice. Drive Angry is ...