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Abraham Lincoln

The Presence of Greatness

by Laura Leon November 20, 2012


  How to make a movie about Abraham Lincoln? What portion of a life, a presidency, an immense political footprint, would you focus on? These had to be questions director Steven Spielberg thought long and hard ...

The Rivalry

by The Staff September 26, 2012


  Just in time for this year’s heated national election season, Stageworks Hudson offers up Norman Corwin’s 1959 play about the Lincoln-Douglas debates, The Rivalry. In fact, by strange coincidence, Wednesday’s preview performance (Oct. 3) coincides ...


An American Vampire in Washington

by Ann Morrow June 27, 2012

“We are all slaves to something,” says an evildoer in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Honest Abe (Benjamin Walker) is not deterred by this platitude in his mission to rid America of its conspiracy of bloodsuckers—whether political ...