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Ben Stiller

Dream Small

by John Rodat January 2, 2014


  I’m not certain to whom The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is meant most to appeal: James Thurber fans? That seems unlikely. Ben Stiller followers? I don’t think that’s a category unto itself. Arcade Fire ...


by Laura Leon August 1, 2012


Vince Vaughn had me at hello in his Swingers breakout role, and I admit I am a sucker for the sophomoric-guy shtick of Old School, Dodge Ball and The Wedding Crashers, but . . . ...

Occupy the Multiplex

by Ann Morrow November 10, 2011


Tower Heist, a crime caper about a staff of penthouse employees who turn into financial vigilantes after their pension plan goes bust, is, of course, meant to be farcically topical. But enough of its very ...