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Better Pills

Better Pills, Slowshine, Russel the Leaf

by The Staff December 24, 2014


    Better Pills (left) describe their sound as “jittery punk” and “bipolar dance music.” While they perform only a few times a year (and only with bands that they really like), they have captured a loyal ...

The Low Beat

Now You See Them . . . .

by Ali Hibbs December 11, 2014


  Jittery. Claustrophobic. Bleak. These are words that the band Better Pills use when attempting to describe their sound on a Friday afternoon at the Low Beat in Albany. “I’d say we were postpunk, but that’s kind ...

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Ton Lokal: Seasons Change

by Timothy Reidy November 6, 2014


  Late Summer is always a different time of year for music in this area; the last summer shows commence and day festivals pop up. Restoration Festival kept it pretty much local this past year, and ...

Also Noted . . . .

by The Staff June 5, 2014


  It’s a Low Beat triple-whammy tonight (Thursday) with Better Pills, the Shivers and Party Boat (8 PM, 432-6572). . . . Texas singer-songwriter James McMurtry plays the Egg tonight (7:30 PM, $28, 473-1845). . . ...

Lincoln Money Shot

by Shawn Stone December 24, 2013


  Thursday will see a gathering of notable musicians, in formulations old and new, who were popular among the Capital Region "cognoscenti" in the aughts. The lineup is Better Pills (aka Brent Gorton’s current band), Lincoln ...


Crystal Stilts

by The Staff October 3, 2013


  Brooklyn rockers Crystal Stilts are back on the scene with their newest album Nature Noir. The band, founded by two Floridians, Brad Hargett and JB Townsend, formed in 2003 and signed to Slumberland Records. In ...


Cloud Nothings, Scientific maps, Better Pills

by The Staff January 19, 2011

Hey cool kid! If you’ve been searching for the next Black Kids, for some reason, look no further: 19-year-old Dylan Baldi, the mastermind behind Cleveland band Cloud Nothings, makes the kind of juiced-up, lo-fi indie-pop ...