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Bill Murray

The Biggest Little Film Festival

by Shawn Stone October 17, 2012


  Born out of the fact that a number of very successful film-biz types have settled in Columbia County, Film Columbia offers intrepid cinephiles a five-day feast of film. And most of it is actual film, ...

Crandell Theatre

They Belong

by John Rodat June 27, 2012


The central conflict in many—arguably, all—of Wes Anderson’s films is that of belonging. Characters strive, clumsily, to fit in. Often, it’s their very enthusiasm that proves most problematic: The more forcefully they assert themselves, the ...

A Real Cool Time

by John Brodeur September 8, 2010

It’s all true: The New York installment of All Tomorrow’s Parties is the best U.S. music fest going by an easy mile. Kutsher’s, the last of the kosher Castkills resorts, is a beautifully decrepit time ...