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Brad Fraser

Fully Able

by James Yeara October 17, 2013


  In the darkness, the sound of waves splashing in a lake is heard, followed soon by the call of a loon. The lights then come up on a ratty-looking bathtub downstage center, a black mechanical ...

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Kill Me Now

by The Staff October 3, 2013

thumb_40ndpicKILLME_John Sowle

  Kaliyuga Arts’ production of Brad Fraser’s True Love Lies was a sensation, and beginning tonight for eight performances, they’re following it up with Fraser’s drama Kill Me Now. Directed and designed by John Sowle, Kill Me ...


One Hot Mess

by James Yeara May 15, 2013


  Local theatergoers aren’t likely to see Brad Fraser’s True Love Lies on other professional stages in the area. As with Fraser’s earlier Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love (which received a local ...

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