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Colin Farrell

Snow Job

by Ann Morrow February 19, 2014


  In the war between good and evil, everyone has a miracle they can use. In 1916, a Russian couple being turned away at Ellis Island apparently don’t know anyone with an extra miracle or two, ...

Grim Tale

by Ann Morrow March 13, 2013


  Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace are dead together, and it’s not just because the characters they play in Dead Man Down are dead inside. The two stars, who would seem to be well-matched, have nothing ...

Splatter Effect

by Laura Leon October 17, 2012


  I’ll be up front: In Bruges, written and directed by the Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, is, to my way of thinking, perfect. I’ve watched it umpteen times. My kids quote from it (admittedly awkward when ...


by Ann Morrow August 8, 2012


How seriously can you take a sci-fi movie that casts Harold (Jon Cho from the Harold and Kumar movies) in a pivotal role? Actually, he’s pretty good (and doesn’t look at all like Sulu, either). ...

Three Stooges

by Laura Leon July 14, 2011

Much like The Hangover and frat house-themed flicks like Old School, Horrible Bosses relies on a certain adolescent, inherently “guy” type of sensitivity to things like sex, successful women, sexually attractive women, and fear of ...