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Eric Bana

Courage Under Fire

by Laura Leon January 16, 2014


  With a title like Lone Survivor, it’s pretty apparent what the outcome will be, but even for those familiar with the remarkable story of Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the unfolding that leads to that conclusion ...

They’re Watching

by Laura Leon September 5, 2013


  With its birds-eye, security-cam views of Brits, ex-patriots, and tourists walking through, talking in, working, and just living in London, Closed Circuit makes us shiver at the  mere suggestion of 24/7 surveillance even as it ...

Little Girl Lost

by Laura Leon April 13, 2011


With its pulsating techno beat (courtesy of the Chemical Brothers), the movie Hanna is like a giddily captivating music video, or a wildly addictive Wii game. It’s the kind of adventure thriller that makes you ...