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fair use

Book Stupid

by Paul Rapp October 29, 2015


  You may have heard that the New York federal appeals court granted Google a big win in the long-running lawsuit brought against it by the Authors Guild over the Google Books project. To briefly review, ...

Good Law, Bad Treaty

by Paul Rapp October 15, 2015


  Buried under all the hoo-hah about the debates and Lamar Odom, a significant ruling regarding basic freedom came out of a federal appeals court Tuesday in Philadelphia. The decision in the case Hassan v. City ...


Attention Chopper Parodists

by Paul Rapp November 26, 2014


  Last week, Price Chopper made the beguiling announcement that it was changing its name to “Market 32,” apparently a reference to the company’s first store (the chain originally was called Central Markets), which opened in ...



by Paul Rapp October 16, 2014


  Six years or so ago, the talented-but-phony street artist Shepard Fairey came up with the Obama Hope poster. It was everywhere, there were even websites where you could “hope-i-fy” your own image, and most of ...

Fight for Your Right to Advertise

by Paul Rapp November 27, 2013

  Sorry I missed the last two columns. There have been gnarly litigation deadlines and some armed insurrections up the mountain. I’m now in a strange sort of exile, operating out of a safe house with ...