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food review

Big Easy Charm

by B.A. Nilsson February 23, 2011


Recognized—at last! I maintain an impressive anonymity at this job, despite frequent in-print descriptions of my size and usual dining companions, not to mention a scattering of likenesses in the webosphere. But, compared to many ...

Cafe Nola

Don’t Ever Change

by B.A. Nilsson January 12, 2011


You may think you walked into the wrong place, as I thought. It’s not that the Highland doesn’t look sufficiently restaurant-like; rather, it looks like you’ve entered an Italian joint from your parents’ childhood. ...

The Highland restaurant

Beyond Chow Chow

by B.A. Nilsson January 5, 2011


Who ever thought we’d have Nixon to thank for a good meal? His 1972 visit to China is credited with opening up a cultural exchange that included a wave of culinary adventure thanks to better ...

Ala Shanghai