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George Clooney

Missed Adventure

by Laura Leon February 13, 2014


  Near the end of World War II, President Roosevelt commissioned a few middle-aged artists, sculptors and architects to go behind enemy lines on a special mission: to rescue the great artworks of Western civilization, which ...

To the Wonder

by Ann Morrow October 10, 2013


  It could’ve been Speed in Outer Space, and not just because of the casting of Sandra Bullock as an astronaut. Instead, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity is a heart-pounding and hauntingly beautiful meditation—co-written with his son, Jonas ...

Hawaii Ho-Hum

by Shawn Stone December 1, 2011


This family dramedy begins with unusually detailed narration: George Clooney, as put-upon patriarch Matt King, tells us, in great detail, his woes. Yes, he lives in Hawaii, but it isn’t some mythic land of endless ...

None of the Above

by Laura Leon October 13, 2011


The Ides of March tries hard to be both cunning and cutthroat in its depiction of politics as a dirty game. Who knew? The pacing in this political thriller is fast, so much so that ...