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Greta Gerwig

Late Bloomer

by Shawn Stone June 6, 2013


  This charming comedy tells the story of a woman who doesn’t realize how immature she is—or that she was supposed to grow up. When we meet Frances (co-screenwriter Greta Gerwig), she is a 27-year-old modern ...

She’s Not the One

by Laura Leon June 27, 2012


I know from scads of reviews that Greta Gerwig is the new indie darling, a quirky yet accessible protagonist. As far as I can make out, Gerwig’s appeal seems to be linked to some mysterious ...


by Laura Leon May 10, 2012

Judging from the popularity of  Michelle Obama’s J Crew cardigans, ballet shoes and dirndl skirts, “prep,” as style and visual conceit, might have made a minor comeback in the last few years. But it’s a ...