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Mount Ida Psychic Fair

by The Staff October 30, 2015


  The celebration of Halloween comes from the ancient festival of Samhain, when it was believed that the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. For those of you interested in this ...

Mount Ida Preservation Hall


by The Staff October 16, 2015


  If you didn’t know we were on the cusp of Halloween, the Schenectady Civic Players intend to remind you with their production of Dracula, opening Friday at the Schenectady Civic Playhouse. Steven Dietz’ 1996 adaptation of ...

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The Nightmare Maker

by Ann Morrow October 8, 2015


  “Don’t burn me!” shrieked the victim writhing on a torch-lit altar. As the flames leaped higher, revealing vulture wings and severed heads on poles, the witch cracked her whip—and then slithered over the side of ...

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In Character

by Ann Morrow October 30, 2014


  “My interest in dressing up started when I was very young,” says Alexandra McDowall, a sewing instructor from Niskayuna. “Halloween was very important in my family while growing up, and making and wearing costumes was ...

Halloween Sexy Time

by Evie October 30, 2014

  This Halloween isn’t about candy. It’s about fantasy, and I’m hoping mine plays out like this: Noah requests I dress up as a sexy grasshopper, which means I bartend all night in a tight, short, green ...

the bed


by The Staff October 31, 2013


  Have fun: We’ve got a whole weekend to enjoy after tonight’s (Thursday) Halloween festivities. Tomorrow (Friday), electronic duo the Manhattan Project (left) will play Red Square with Dirty Paris (8 PM, $10, 465-0444). . . ...

Party Like the Dead, Benefit the Living

by Ann Morrow October 25, 2012

  Creature sculptor Jeff Brower is looking forward to laying his dead body to rest. His corpse, he reports, has been hanging out on his couch, and soon it will be removed to a funeral parlor—at ...

Washington Avenue Armory


by Kathryn Geurin October 26, 2011


On Sunday morning, as we wait foggily over empty mugs for the final sputter and hiss of coffee to brew, a three-foot blur in owl pajamas pats purposefully by us. “Shoes!” insists a tiny voice from ...