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Hand Habits

A l s o N o t e d . . .

by The Staff September 4, 2014


  Hand Habits headline a busy indie bill tonight (Thursday) at the Low Beat (8 PM, 432-6572). . . . The Fuze Box returns to its industrial roots with the Gothsicles and //exhuman// Friday night (8 ...


by The Staff February 27, 2014


  Nine-eleven was an inside job, the Illuminati run our global financial institutions and Conspirator will play Putnam Den tonight (Thursday, 9 PM, $18, 584-8066). . . . Steamer No. 10’s Eclectic Performance Series continues on ...

Braids, Railbird, Hand Habits

by Raurri Jennings September 27, 2012

  Say what you’d like about Valentine’s cockeyed pool table and infamous bathrooms, but they have made one solid booking after another this year, proving St. Vincent’s booking agent dead wrong that there is no market ...