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How (Not) to Talk About Vaccines

by Miriam Axel-Lute October 9, 2014


  There are two topics about which people who otherwise tend to agree with each other tend to figuratively rip each other’s throats out about. Since I wrote about Israel and Palestine in my last column, ...


Jefferson Starship

by The Staff March 20, 2013


  We’re not going to bore you by rehashing the VH1 Behind the Music-style infighting and legal proceedings that distinguish Jefferson Airplane from Jefferson Starship from plain-old Starship—or the very-short-lived Starship Jefferson (good grief). Suffice to ...

The Van Dyck

She’s Come Undone

by John Rodat November 16, 2011


At the conclusion of the final scene of Martha Marcy May Marlene, the woman seated to my left said loudly, “Really?!” In the row ahead of us, another said, “I feel like I’ve been ripped ...

Keller Williams

by The Staff October 6, 2011


In a certain way, Keller Williams has always been a children’s musician. The acoustic guitar magician and quirky one-man live-looping band has been the ringmaster of his own traveling circus for the past 20 years, ...

The Egg

Bella Terra Festival

by The Staff August 18, 2011


Bella Terra turns three-years-old this year, which is veteran status in the world of music festivals. In fact, Bella Terra has been around long enough to remember when the slogan was “sex, drugs and rock ...

Gardner's Field

Wanderlust Festival

by The Staff June 22, 2011


Not all who wander are lost. In fact, Wanderlust, the country’s original major multi-day yoga and music extravaganza has found a fitting East Coast home since venturing out from its birthplace in Squaw Valley, Calif. ...

Stratton Mountain

True Liberation

by B.A. Nilsson May 5, 2011


Call it a theatrical happening or a political screed—Hair is a late-’60s artifact that lacks a coherent book and sports a poorly crafted score, yet, as the revival production ...


Ed Sanders

by The Staff May 4, 2011

The paleontological quest to find the elusive missing link in human evolution churns on, but those searching for a transitional figure between the free-wheeling and free-loving Beat and Hippie generations need look no further than ...

University at Albany


by The Staff April 27, 2011


The least likely thing that might have happened 43 years ago, in 1968, would have been an immediate end to the Vietnam War. (That didn’t happen, obviously.) The second and third least likely events did ...


Hudson Mohawk Reskilling Festival

by The Staff April 6, 2011

Whether driven by fear or hope, the movement towards sustainable living is gaining steam, and with it the effort to create vibrant, sustainable, self-sufficient cities, starting, quite literally, in our own back yards. This ...

Jeff Coffin Mu’Tet

by The Staff March 17, 2011


It’s the rare employer that will turn a blind eye to experimental facial hair. But saxophonist Jeff Coffin’s trademark stalactite goatee is worn like a uniform in his service to the boss of funky jazz. Coffin ...