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Capitol Steps

by The Staff November 3, 2011


Jeepers, the Capitol Steps sure don’t waste any time. The Herman Cain sexual-harassment scandal—aka “Hey lady, did you order a pepperoni pizza? Well, here’s the pepperoni!”—just dropped Monday and by the following afternoon those singing ...


Gun Play

by John Rodat July 20, 2011

  INT. Office -Day. JACK and EMIL sit at facing desks in an office space with an open floor plan. There are other work stations in the background, but there are no other employees visible. Jack and ...

The Sequel

by John Rodat July 6, 2011

Int. - day. The interview set of morning news program Good Morning, This Morning! The spotlit host, Matt Yip, is a generically handsome man, wearing slacks and a sport coat. He is sitting in a ...