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John Cusack

Fractured Fairy Tale

by Shawn Stone June 11, 2015


There are few more fascinating stories in 1960s rock & roll than the Beach Boys. They became superstars when they were little more than kids; three of the members were brothers (and another a cousin); ...

Sounds of Genius

by Bill Forman June 11, 2015


  Brian Wilson, as he himself has sung, just wasn't made for these times. Or any others, for that matter, which is part of the reason his music has remained so timeless through all of his ...

Hack Work

by Ann Morrow May 2, 2012


A tale more grotesque than arabesque, The Raven replaces Edgar Allan Poe’s “opulent imagination” with a standard-issue horror story. Though it stars Poe himself (John Cusack), the plot is merely an excuse to fill in ...