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by The Staff May 7, 2015


  The “roar” referred to in this film’s title isn’t a Katy Perry reference; it’s about lions. Real lions. The tagline for the reissue of this long-forgotten 1981 drama is, “No animals were harmed in the ...

Spectrum 8 Theatres

Lions & Tigers & Bears

by The Staff November 13, 2014


  The new photography exhibit at the Berkshire Museum looks at three “apex predators” through the lenses of three National Geographic photographers. Michael “Nick” Nichols trains his camera on lions; Steve Winter focuses on tigers; and ...

Berkshire Museum

Time Capsule

by Ann Morrow June 29, 2011


Some 32,000 years ago, a prehistoric man in southern France entered a bear cave, and for reasons that may well be one of the world’s oldest mysteries, he painted his palm prints in a random ...

International Man of Metal

by David King June 8, 2011


"Come stay in the Leo Bar; we have a lion.” Those were the words that started the weirdest night of Jason Keyser’s life. In 2007, Keyser left the comfy ...

Here, Kitty Kitty

by Ann Morrow May 4, 2011


“My cats” is how Terry Brumfield describes the two 500-pound lions he keeps in his ramshackle backyard. But despite the fact that Brumfield, a disabled truck driver, raised them by hand, bottle-feeding the cubs in ...

Lonely Are the Brave

by Shawn Stone March 30, 2011


There’s no getting around the fact that the subtext of most outstanding contemporary nature documentaries is ecological horror. Winged Migration is a stirring portrait of avian migration against the backdrop of an unchecked onslaught of ...