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Miss Roxxie Tart

The U.S.S Corning Revue

by Ann Morrow June 19, 2014

  The Airship U.S.S. Corning is preparing for take-off—and so is its crew of scintillating dancers, torch singers, and comedians. On June 21 (Saturday), the observation deck of the Corning Tower, 42 floors up, will be ...

Empire State Plaza

Burlesque Paradiso 1920s Revue

by The Staff December 27, 2012


  Last New Year’s Burlesque Paradiso was a jazzy good time (and a big success), so it’s no surprise that it’s back again with hostess Miss Roxxie Tart and a “star-studded cast from Albany and beyond.” ...

Ristorante Paradiso