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Hope Abounds

by Jo Page November 14, 2012


  Two years ago my daughters and I lost a woman we loved as a mother and grandmother, though she was neither to us. Not closer than kin, but closer than a friend, her loss was ...

War, Material and Lies Part II

by The Staff September 7, 2011


Following up on its 2008 exhibit, Time & Space Limited will open War: Material and Lies Part II this weekend. As the gallery notes explain, this is part of “a series dedicated to thinking about ...

Time and Space Limited

Tennis in Nablus

by The Staff September 7, 2011


“Tragipoliticomedy” may sound like a new Daily Show buzzword for the current state of national affairs, but it’s the genre-bending term coined to describe Ismail Khalidi’s Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition-winning play, Tennis in Nablus. The tale ...