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public radio

Broadcasting With Bite

by John Rodat December 6, 2012


  The audience at Ira Glass’s presentation/performance was, evidently, very familiar with the NPR producer and host’s long-running program This American Life: During both of the evening’s question-and-answer periods (Why two? More on that later), they ...

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Reinventing Radio: An Evening With Ira Glass

by The Staff November 29, 2012


  He may have been dabbling in motion pictures of late—with Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me—but Ira Glass is a radio man through and through. His show This American Life has achieved almost Prairie Home Companion-level ...

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Writer Columnist Host

by Shawn Stone February 16, 2012


  Ed Koch doesn’t want to leave Manhattan. Ever. The former mayor of New York has spent his entire life in the city that never sleeps, and when it’s time for him to sleep the big sleep, ...