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Richard Nixon

Income for Everyone

by Miriam Axel-Lute August 12, 2014

  If you wanted to come up with a totally cockamamie idea to attribute to someone to smear them as unrealistic bleeding-heart socialist, what would you come up with? Possibly “the government should just give everyone ...

Our Nixon

by Shawn Stone April 3, 2014


  Penny Lane’s archival-footage documentary about Richard Nixon, Our Nixon, is a delightful addition to the canon of films, novels, histories and operas about the 37th President of the United States—the only one of that illustrious ...

Rich Little as Jimmy Stewart and His Friends

by The Staff March 13, 2013


  Comedian Rich Little has been renowned for five decades for masterful impressions of politicians and golden-age Hollywood stars. His show this Saturday night at Proctors focuses on one such luminary: Jimmy Stewart. Little’s dead-on impression of ...


The Web Is a Lonely Place, Come Play

by The Staff January 10, 2013


  The Internet has changed things, no? The new exhibit at the Center for Photography at Woodstock’s Main Gallery is a showcase for “five artists who create work within or through the radically democratized ‘free space’ ...

Center for Photography at Woodstock

Reel Politics

by The Staff November 8, 2012


  The Great McGinty No discussion of political flicks would be complete without Preston Sturges’ hilarious The Great McGinty. With this portrait of a classic pre-World War II big-city political machine, Sturges pulled off the impossible: an ...