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Stall Tactics

by Jessica Sidman February 12, 2015


  Source: Washington City Paper (Editor’s preface: It may not have been a daily or even weekly occurance, but the scene was familiar enough to anyone who has spent a lot of time in restaurants and nightspots. ...

Through My Stomach to My Heart

by The Staff February 5, 2015


  Family tradition is Krause's Candy for each and every holiday or special occasion. When someone knows enough to go there for me I always feel special. When they know to get dark chocolate almond bark ...

Threesomes, Anyone?

by Evie January 8, 2015

  “I told her if we made it 10 years I’d get her a diamond. If we made it 25 . . . threesome.” They’ve been married 34 years; still no threesome. Oh, and the “they,” ...

Where There’s Smoke

by Evie August 21, 2014

  Naked, with my back stiff against his headboard, I sat there silent, self-conscious, and shocked. Ouch, I thought, which applied to both my mental and physical state. I held his blue striped comforter tightly over ...

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What’s Your Number?

by Evie August 7, 2014

thumb_bed post 3

  “It has to be over a thousand,” my Aunt Dee said, in reference to the number of people she believed my grandfather had slept with in his life. Just 12 years old, I sat at the ...

Righteously Sexy

by James Yeara May 22, 2014


  The 2014 version of The God Game begins, appropriately enough, with a tease. An attractive blonde stands in an oval office, slowly stripping as a handsome salt-and-pepper-haired man sits in his upholstered, high-back executive chair ...

Capital Repertory Theatre

In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play

by The Staff February 20, 2014


  Among the great innovations of the Victorian era, which include the pedal-driven bicycle, the laying of the transatlantic telegraph cable, the telephone and the pneumatic tire, none proved more satisfying than the vibrator. Sarah Ruhl’s ...

Theatre Institute at Sage

Free Alcohol, Free Love

by Cassandra Hamdan February 13, 2014

  “Having sex with someone is going into a comfort zone. Once you’ve had sex with them or they see you vulnerable, it opens you up to who they are and gives you another dimension to ...

Speed Sating

by Era Bushati February 13, 2014

  “Most images that we see today of college students are in a sex-charged atmosphere,” says Kathleen Bogle in her 2008 book Hooking Up: Sex, Dating and Relationships on Campus. While Bogle states that the media ...

Poetic Licentiousness

by Joe D. Michon-Huneau February 13, 2014

thumb_07 sex_poets

  1. “Trying to Get Even” – Charles Bukowski Bukowski notoriously plays the role of the filthy, drunk womanizer. His collection Love is a Dog from Hell is so chock full of examples that it was hard ...

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The More the Merrier

by Sarah Sherman February 13, 2014

thumb_hot tub

  The game was simple: The man to perform oral sex underwater for the longest amount of time would win. What could go wrong? But one of the men popped up earlier than he should have. “He just ...

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Dating for Dollars

by Natasha Scully February 13, 2014

thumb_sugar daddy

  After 53 years, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an iconic movie about a woman who is, among other things, a sugar baby, is making its way back onto the streets of New York. This time however, there ...

Bad is Good

by Erin Pihlaja October 10, 2013


  Two executive “party” buses packed full of eager passengers, spent three hours on Saturday (Oct. 5), learning about the often scandalous history in the Capital Region on the Historic Bad boys, Broads, and Bootleggers Tour, ...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

by James Yeara August 22, 2013


  “But you do want to talk to them sometime today on your birthday, even if she is Sheriff Cunt-Fuck of Cunt Fuck City?” says Kali to her husband. Stockholm is a 2007 British hit having its ...

1 comment Stageworks/Hudson

Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody

by The Staff May 1, 2013


  After a decade or so of the biggest publishing phenomenon revolving around teenage wizards, it’s only fair that an adult-oriented trilogy—ahem, sex, ahem, BDSM—should take the pop-literary world by storm. And it was only a ...

The Egg

Single Girls Guide

by The Staff February 28, 2013


  There’s a saucy new musical opening at Capital Repertory Theatre this week. Single Girls Guide is set in the swinging, Mad Men-era 1960s—a pretty world of cocktails and fab parties. As the press notes promise, ...

Capital Repertory Theatre

The Reel Thing

by Shawn Stone February 13, 2013

  “Does she . . . or doesn’t she?” Back in the golden age of pop-culture double entendres, that was the pitch for a long-running series of advertisements for a popular brand of hair dye. It continued: “Hair ...

Vaguely Urgent

by Molly Eadie February 13, 2013


  During his first semester of college, Mark met Tom, both 18 at the time, at a party and they exchanged numbers. They left the party separately, but texted each other when they got back to ...

Love Greed Sex War

by James Yeara August 23, 2012


Simon (Timothy Deenihan), the handsome, sophisticated heart surgeon, stands upstage left. Anna (Celia Schaefer), the winsome nuclear-arms regulator, stands upstage right. Jennifer (Danielle Skraastad), a vivacious bonds trader, stands midstage. Each character is on a ...


Gentleman Seeketh Matrimony

by Alexis Abb February 9, 2012

A worthy plump, fresh, free and willing Widdow . . . is in great distresse for want of a Lancktaradiddledino, and would accept of any man that is Able to labour in her Corporation. . ...

Sex Negative

by John Rodat January 26, 2012


Steve McQueen’s Shame might be as good as its hype—if, that is, you’re willing to accept certain prejudices about promiscuity or sexual behavior, generally. There are explicit indications that the lead character, Brandon (Michael Fassbender), and ...

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The Beautiful and Darned

by Ann Morrow November 22, 2011


Vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) no longer has skin that sparkles in the sun—now that he’s out of high school, apparently, he’s just paler than the average man of leisure. In a movie franchise ...

Open Marriage

by The Staff August 25, 2011


  Ventfort Hall Mansion, once home to the sister of J. P. Morgan, has been restored an reincarnated as a museum for all things 19th-century, with a mission of documenting and illuminating the pivotal Gilded Age ...

The Game

by The Staff August 10, 2011

game thumb

When Choderlos de Laclos penned Les Liaisons Dangereuses in 1782, he couldn’t possibly have imagined what the future held for his scandalous epistolary novel of sexual manipulation, revenge, betrayal and seduction in the pre-revolutionary French ...

Barrington Stage Company


by The Staff June 29, 2011

The English version of this mile-high farce of romantic entanglements first opened in London’s West End  and quickly made the jump over the pond in 1965, where it hit the big screen and Broadway in ...

Theater Barn