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Dangerous Men

by Shawn Stone October 3, 2013


  It’s self-evident that race car drivers aren’t like the rest of us. At one point in the terrific action drama Rush, Formula One racer James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) tartly admonishes one of his many adoring/complaining ...

Let’s Get Physical

by Molly Eadie August 7, 2013


  What if next time you suit up for a date, you trade your nice shoes for sneakers, dispense with the makeup, skip the wine but grab a water bottle, and fuel up on a granola ...

Pick of the Scrum

by Erin Pihlaja December 27, 2012


  A nervous tension was in the air at Brown’s Revolution Hall last Thursday night (Dec. 20). Two emcees stood on a stage in the front of the room, and as the chatter died down, they ...

Warren Miller’s Like There’s No Tomorrow

by The Staff November 16, 2011


Except no substitutes: When it comes to making action films of professional-grade skiing and snowboarding, no one captures the excitement of winter sports or the snow-struck grandeur of nature better than Warren Miller Entertainment. See ...

Palace Theatre

Sports Without Tribes?

by Miriam Axel-Lute June 22, 2011

I honeymooned in Vancouver, B.C., and I have held an idealized view of it ever since. But I have to admit that that view got rather tarnished last with the news of the post–Stanley Cup ...