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Best Theater 2013: James Yeara

by James Yeara December 24, 2013

  1. Stockholm Stageworks/Hudson Having its American premiere at Stageworks/Hudson, Stockholm was riveting. The play was a dash of Mamet, a pinch of Ruhl, a sweating of Pinter, a snap of LaBute, sprinklings of Albee, a zest of ...


Fully Able

by James Yeara October 17, 2013


  In the darkness, the sound of waves splashing in a lake is heard, followed soon by the call of a loon. The lights then come up on a ratty-looking bathtub downstage center, a black mechanical ...

4 comments Stageworks/Hudson

Kill Me Now

by The Staff October 3, 2013

thumb_40ndpicKILLME_John Sowle

  Kaliyuga Arts’ production of Brad Fraser’s True Love Lies was a sensation, and beginning tonight for eight performances, they’re following it up with Fraser’s drama Kill Me Now. Directed and designed by John Sowle, Kill Me ...


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

by James Yeara August 22, 2013


  “But you do want to talk to them sometime today on your birthday, even if she is Sheriff Cunt-Fuck of Cunt Fuck City?” says Kali to her husband. Stockholm is a 2007 British hit having its ...

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by The Staff August 15, 2013


  Beginning this weekend, Stageworks/Hudson continues a strong summer season with the American premiere of Bryony Lavery’s drama Stockholm, which is about a couple “trapped in a cycle of love and destruction.” It is a “visual, ...



by The Staff July 10, 2013


  Tallulah Bankhead was a Broadway diva who electrified audiences for decades in plays like Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes, and in the occasional movie like Hitchcock’s Lifeboat. She was a Southern belle who loved to ...



by James Yeara June 19, 2013


  The signature moment of this 17th annual festival of new one-act plays occurs appropriately between plays: After the opening play ends with its three characters watching an It’s a Wonderful Life-worthy snowfall, there’s a blackout. ...


One Hot Mess

by James Yeara May 15, 2013


  Local theatergoers aren’t likely to see Brad Fraser’s True Love Lies on other professional stages in the area. As with Fraser’s earlier Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love (which received a local ...

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The Rivalry

by The Staff September 26, 2012


  Just in time for this year’s heated national election season, Stageworks Hudson offers up Norman Corwin’s 1959 play about the Lincoln-Douglas debates, The Rivalry. In fact, by strange coincidence, Wednesday’s preview performance (Oct. 3) coincides ...


Love Greed Sex War

by James Yeara August 23, 2012


Simon (Timothy Deenihan), the handsome, sophisticated heart surgeon, stands upstage left. Anna (Celia Schaefer), the winsome nuclear-arms regulator, stands upstage right. Jennifer (Danielle Skraastad), a vivacious bonds trader, stands midstage. Each character is on a ...


Among the Living

by James Yeara July 5, 2012


  The annual Play by Play festival of new one-act plays at Stageworks/Hudson always has something to please almost everyone, and this year the eight one-acts, the performances, and the staging are uniformly excellent. Play by ...

Play By Play Rendezvous

by The Staff June 27, 2012


Stageworks/Hudson’s Play by Play festival is one of the most anticipated theatrical events of the year. The theme of this year’s collection of new one-act plays is “rendezvous.” Or, as the show’s publicity describes it, ...


Digging In the Dirt

by rwydro May 16, 2012


  Director John Sowle’s set design at Stageworks/Hudson makes it easy to see why The Mound Builders was the late Lanford Wilson’s favorite play. While the Pulitzer Prize-winning Talley’s Folly or Hot L Baltimore or Burn ...