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You Are There

by Laura Leon October 10, 2013


  Based on Vincent Bugliosi’s Four Days in November, Parkland attempts to evoke the national sense of loss, horror, helplessness and regret engendered by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but from the perspective of ...

Lyle Lovett

by The Staff July 3, 2013


  You can tell the real Americana greats from the Mumford impersonators because they don’t dress like a Bosko cartoon. Lyle Lovett, for instance, is one dapper gent. On the cover of last year’s Release Me, ...

The Egg

Only in Texas

by Shawn Stone August 23, 2012


Everybody loved Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), the friendliest, most caring undertaker in Carthage, Texas. He was attentive to his job, active in his church, supportive of local culture and felicitous of little old ladies. In ...


by The Staff September 28, 2011


As a Jandek fan site explains, “Everybody knows one thing about Jandek, that nobody knows anything about Jandek. There is nothing but the music.” The enigmatic, elusive Texas folk artist has self-released 60-plus albums since ...

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