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Tulip Fest

Albany Tulip Festival

by The Staff May 7, 2015


  It’s that time of year: Tulip Festival, Albany’s annual herald of spring (and of Mother’s Day!), is once again upon us, and it looks like there will be good music and fun events to entice ...

Washington Park

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone May 8, 2014


    CHALK ART RETURNS  Drawing Up Central, a sidewalk chalk art contest on lower Central Avenue between Henry Johnson Boulevard and Lexington Avenue, returns this Saturday (May 10) from 10 AM-2 PM. A project of Equinox, ...

Tulip Festival

by The Staff May 8, 2014


  It’s been a colder than usual spring, but the tulips are blooming in Washington Park and the meteorologists are promising a warm-up just in time for Tulip Fest. What will be waiting for you? There will ...

Washington Park

Tulip Fest

by The Staff May 8, 2013


  So, we think we finally understand this whole street-scrubbing ceremony that always heralds the beginning of Albany’s annual Tulip Fest—and wonder if there’s a similar procedure for the human sinus cavity. See, flowers, lovely as ...

Washington Park

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone May 1, 2013


  TULIP TIME, ALMOST  Though I know you’re excited, Tulip Fest is a week away. Still, it seems worthwhile to make sure a new addition to Tulip Fest is brought to your attention now. And it ...

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Tulip Fest

by The Staff May 4, 2011


At the height of Holland’s 17th-century “tulip mania,” tulip bulbs were being sold for 10 times the annual salary of a skilled craftsman. If prices had held, Albany would now be the Humboldt of this ...

Washington Park