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University Art Museum

2015 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region

by The Staff July 9, 2015


  It’s time again for the annual Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region exhibition; cosponsored by the Albany Institute of History & Art, the Hyde Collection and the University Art Museum, this edition will be at ...

University Art Museum

The Ties That Bind: Artists and Archives

by The Staff February 12, 2015


  The new show at the University Art Museum, The Ties That Bind, examines the relationship between artists and the “archives” they mine to create art. The exhibit’s curator, Corinna Ripps Schaming, explains the premise this ...

University Art Museum

Kate Gilmore: A Tisket, A Tasket

by The Staff October 17, 2013


There are two shows opening tomorrow (Friday) at UAlbany’s University Art Museum. A Tisket, A Tasket showcases Kate Gilmore’s video installations (pictured is a frame grab from 2010’s Pot, Kettle, Black). The gallery notes describe ...

University Art Museum

Day After Day: The Diaristic Impulse

by The Staff January 31, 2013


  The artists in the new show opening Tuesday at UAlbany’s University Art Museum will address the human drive to keep a daily record of their life, work, activities—the “diaristic impulse.” According to the exhibit notes, the ...

University Art Museum

Politics, Visible

by Meisha Rosenberg July 11, 2012


This year’s regional exhibition—the 76th in a robust tradition—feels different from those of previous years. It’s not that some familiar names don’t reappear; it’s that this exhibition held together more and felt like a timely ...

University Art Museum

2012 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region

by The Staff June 27, 2012


This juried exhibit of some of the best work by our region’s artists is one of the local scene’s best and most vital ongoing traditions. Sponsored by the University at Albany’s University Art Museum, the ...

University Art Museum