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Warner Bros.

Poor Relations

by Shawn Stone August 20, 2015


  Superheroes are the dominant movie form, and there is one aspect of this genre that has proven particularly irksome: the origin story. Sony swaps out the actor playing Spider-man and what happens? They go back ...


We’re Not in 2D Anymore

by Shawn Stone September 26, 2013


  There is certainly economic value in converting the 1939 version of The Wizard of Oz to 3D. If the original version goes into the public domain in 2035 (and that’s a big if), this version ...

The Jazz Singer

by The Staff July 25, 2013


  It wasn’t the first all-talking feature, and it wasn’t even Warner Bros.’ (or star Al Jolson’s) biggest hit from the dawn of sound, but it’s an essential American film. The Jazz Singer originally electrified audiences, ...