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Ali Hibbs

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Ali Hibbs

Election Preview

by Ali Hibbs October 29, 2015


  Voters in the City of Albany can expect to encounter two important ballot propositions at the polls this coming Tuesday (Nov. 3); county residents outside the city can vote on one of them. One will ...

Fresh Lunches

by Ali Hibbs October 1, 2015

  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have just become available for school districts across the state to use to provide local, fresh and healthy food to their students. On Monday (Sept. 28), Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced ...


Keeping the Light On

by Ali Hibbs October 1, 2015

Jonathan Munshi

  Silvia Lilly, the soon-to-be new owner of the Wine Bar and Bistro on Lark Street in Albany, thinks a lot of things are like waiting tables. “It’s all service. It’s all about people,” says Lilly as ...

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Feeling the Bern

by Ali Hibbs August 27, 2015


  In 2014, a law professor named Zephyr Rain Teachout came out of virtual anonymity during her New York gubernatorial campaign against the better-known and far-better-funded incumbent, Andrew Cuomo, unexpectedly seizing more than 30 percent of ...


Self-Service, Two-Wheel Style

by Ali Hibbs August 20, 2015


  This evening (Thursday), Troy Bike Rescue will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new bicycle repair station in Troy’s historic Mount Ida neighborhood. Located at 336 Congress St., the “fix-it” station is a bicycle repair ...


Stop the Pipeline

by Ali Hibbs August 13, 2015


  New Yorkers living along the route of the proposed Constitution Pipeline—a 124-mile pipeline that would carry fracked oil from Pennsylvania across four New York counties, cutting through 36 miles of forest, 555 miles of farmland ...


Dear DA

by Ali Hibbs August 13, 2015

Marquis Dixon’s grandmother pleads with the DA to release the 18-year-old from maximum security prison as his mother and sister (behind, left) fight tears

  In late 2014, 16-year-old Marquis Dixon was arrested for stealing a pair of sneakers—allegedly at gunpoint—from an online acquaintance he met with the expressed intention of purchasing the shoes. Now, at the age of 17, ...

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The Mind That Doesn’t Mind

by Ali Hibbs August 13, 2015


  Voltaire called it “knowing without thinking.” It helped Alice Walker to write books, Olivia Newton-John to recover after breast cancer and has apparently prevented Ringo Starr from overreacting. Richard Gere says it puts him in ...


Modern Man, Pat Guadagno

by Ali Hibbs August 13, 2015

  Modern Man have been described as a “brilliant cross between Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Marx Brothers . . . with themes ranging from God to Godzilla, from manliness to cluelessness, from ESPN to ...


Getting to Know You

by Ali Hibbs August 6, 2015


  Neighbors, policemen, sheriff’s officers and local politicians congregated outside on an unusually temperate Tuesday night this week to eat barbecue, enjoy various activities and simply get to know each other. Neighborhood National Night Out activities took ...


Sunny Side of the Mountain

by Ali Hibbs August 6, 2015

  Late last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that three state-operated ski resorts have made a commitment to using solar power to operate their ski lift and snowmaking operations. The 25-year agreement with Borrego Solar is the ...


Sharing The Road

by Ali Hibbs July 30, 2015


Albany’s Madison Avenue is going on a diet in 2016. In an attempt to make the well-traveled corridor between Allen and Lark Streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles, the City of Albany conducted ...


Art Space Invaders

by Ali Hibbs July 30, 2015


  Two local art spaces will be trading places this week in an effort to bridge the creative scenes between Albany and Troy. The Argyle Gallery in Troy will be presenting work by core artists from ...


The New Pornographers

by Ali Hibbs July 9, 2015


  All the members of the super-successful Canadian indie rock band the New Pornographers have their own flourishing side projects and careers: Singer Neko Case is a well-known independent musician and a member of three other ...

Team Spirits

by Ali Hibbs July 9, 2015


  “There are the heads and there are the tails,” says John Curtin. “Then there are the hearts. That’s what we want—the good stuff right in the middle.” The batch distillation process they use to isolate and ...

Best Recordings of 2014: Josh Potter

by Ali Hibbs December 31, 2014


  1. Aphex Twin, Syro “He’s back . . . ” Like the whispered buzz of some techno-utopian prophesy—excitement cut with nervous dread—the news of IDM pioneer Richard James’s triumphant return to his most influential moniker changed ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs August 28, 2014


Slow Rave The new age is past. This is the now age. (Cue ’70s synthesizer drone.) It’s a time when the sacred and the kitschy have joined ecstatic forces. It’s a place where the party never ...

Todd Terje

by Ali Hibbs August 21, 2014


When Daft Punk released Random Access Memories last year, it seemed to prophesy a nu-disco revival, a return to EDM’s roots in the analog glitz of ’70s-vintage synthesizers, cocaine, and ostentatious evening wear. The revival ...

Drake vs. Lil Wayne

by Ali Hibbs August 14, 2014

Rap battles—like their jazz precursor, the “cutting contest”—have been a part of hip-hop from the start. The microphone, a modern symbol of influence, belongs, like Thor’s hammer, to he (or she) who can hoist it. ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs August 7, 2014


The New Black We’re only a week away from the fifth annual Restoration Festival, which returns to the eerie grandeur of CAC Woodside in Troy for the second year. As with prior years, the B3nson Collective ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs July 31, 2014


Moving on Up Jazz on Jay has, in recent years, grown to be a Schenectady summer institution, drawing crowds downtown for free weekly jazz performances. Starting on Monday, the town will add a second series, built ...

Shabazz Palaces

by Ali Hibbs July 31, 2014


When contemporary rappers talk about “real hip-hop,” it’s usually an appeal to that art form’s “golden age” of the late ’80s and early ’90s—an era they view as more aesthetically compelling because the ethos was ...

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Hudson Project

by Ali Hibbs July 17, 2014


By now, you’ve likely seen the iPhone videos of kids tumbling down mudslides and flash-flood rivers carrying camping gear away from dumbfounded revelers. As of Tuesday, farmers were still busy tractor-yanking cars out of a ...

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Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs July 10, 2014


Four Shades of Music Fest If you spend this coming weekend ogling someone else’s idyllic summer adventure on Instagram, you have no one to blame but yourself. It is upon us: the weekend of music festival ...


by Ali Hibbs June 26, 2014

You might have assumed Solid Sound was in effect judging by the number of folks who packed into MASS MoCA’s largest performance space, Joe’s Field, for Beck’s Tuesday night show. And with the annual Wilco ...

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